Farrah Abraham & Jenelle Evans' 'Teen Mom' Spin-Off Sounds Too Scandalous for TV

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farrah abraham and jenelle evansTo say that there's been a whole ruckus of drama in the Teen Mom world within the last few weeks is a solid understatement. Between the Farrah Abraham sex tape and Jenelle Evans' cocaine arrest -- these girls know how to really stir up trouble. MTV knows this, which is why they are exploring a way to harness the trouble for their own benefit with a Teen Mom spin-off. And not just any spin-off, either. A spin-off that's going to expose the REAL girls behind all the hoopla.

An insider told Radar Online that MTV is exploring the possibility of having a Big Brother-type spin-off involving Jenelle and Farrah and their mothers. "Network executives are exploring having the Teen Mom stars live in a house with their mothers for a week, or more, all while cameras roll." Oh, and get this -- they'd be joined by a relationship counselor and a psychiatrist.

Oh dear lord.

Getting to watch Farrah and Jenelle housed up in one home together would be entertaining enough. But THEN, adding their mothers into the mix makes this a whole different beast. We've seen the drama that unfolded between Farrah and her mother after the sex tape came to be, and the apology letter that followed. I just can't even imagine what kind of dynamic would occur when combining THAT relationship with Jenelle and her mom's.

Well actually, I sort of can. After all this porn drama, there's no doubt in my mind Farrah's ego is bursting. I could totally imagine Farrah channeling Courtney Stodden's off-her-rocker tendencies, walking around with her lips pursed and heels on. Not the kind of prissy bull that I think Jenelle would be up for.

Heck, remember when Jenelle posted those sexy bikini photos RIGHT after the tape came out? The both of them just adore constant attention. Something tells me it'd just be a WHOLE lot of fierceness competing. With the addition of counseling, I'm sure a lot of great material would come outta this.

Would you want to watch a Farrah and Jenelle spin-off?


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hello... hellokd87

What about their poor children thrown into this chaos?! Jenelle gave up her parental rights to her mother, but rather than focus on expanding their careers & capitalizing on their sordid fame shouldn't MTV be trying to get these loons HELP with rightfully raising their children?! I'm seriously disappointed in mtv.

Tripl... TripleDee30

Nope - wouldn't watch.  In fact, I'm embarrassed I read this article then commented on it.

nonmember avatar WLM1023

Nope would not want to watch "Teen Trainwrecks"

nonmember avatar Tiffany

I say leave them alone everyone teen mom something going on.... I'm a teen mom and I took a lot of me.... Everyone of those teen mom had drama.... Getting Remarried or baby daddy drama or something..... Janelle and Farrah had mother drama.... Both girls are dealing with be a teen mom and different way

Robin Bruner

ummm no because their kids bein drug into it... also because why give them more money for bein so stupid an not so great moms...

nonmember avatar olle marie bowl

really?! mtv should not support this! the world has enough drama with out watching all of there drama! janelle needs to grow up & take responssability for her actions! including her son... h e is your son not your mothers! yousay you want custody of your son back well you sure the heck dont act like it! what kid needs to be around the drugs & craziness? they need to focuse on raising there kids & not making a tv show!

nonmember avatar Chrissy

I will never watch MTV ever again, despite liking the show "Awkward," if they air a spin off with these 2 morons. They're both horrid mothers. Teen motherhood isn't shameful or terrible, but it's not ideal, but MTV chooses to celebrate the worst cases of teen motherhood. They gave these 2 young women money to fund their destructive lifestyles, whereas maybe had they not been catapulted into the spotlight and received no money for being on a TV show, maybe they might have worked hard to earn the money they needed to care for themselves and their children and grown up in the process. MTV has made them famous and stagnated their maturation process. They probably would have still made poor life choices, but at least they wouldn't be on TV giving those stupid teenagers who might be thinking this is an easy route to fame any bad ideas. Sigh. It's just sad. MTV is disgraceful, I'm 31 and grew up on that channel, but I will never again tune in. Even if it means missing out on the few things on there I still like. Maybe they should have stuck with music instead of exploiting stupid teenagers. Not all teens are stupid mind you, but every one they feature seems to be.

nonmember avatar Krystian

Sorry but jenlle has been trying to prove herself...shes gotten jace every weekend.

Lorilei Gleeson

It was a heroin arrest. Get your fucking facts correct, idiot bloggers

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