'American Idol' Winner Candice Glover Will Give You Chills in These 5 Amazing Clips (VIDEOS)

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Candice Glover wins 'American Idol'

It's official: Candice Glover has won American Idol season 12. The 23-year-old who's been singing since age 4 took home the title on last night's finale, getting a standing ovation for her performance of "I Who Have Nothing" by Ben E. King. The best part of all this? Glover made it to the final round TWICE in previous seasons but never made it to the top 20. Hello, revenge!

It's exciting, but I just feel kind of bad for Candice. This season of Idol has been notably, well, a stinker. There have been rumors of a complete judging shakeup for season 13, Nicki Minaj is just straight up off her rocker, and as opposed to seasons past when there's been LOADS of buzz, I couldn't tell you ANYTHING about any of the contestants from this time around. Heck, I hardly heard anything about the finale until the day of.

With that said, this doesn't make Candice any less of a winner. Take a look at what you've most likely been missing with 5 of Candice Glover's best performances, here:

5. "Emotion" by Samantha Sang:

4. "One" by U2:

3. "Somewhere" from the musical West Side Story:

2. Her debut single "I Am Beautiful":

1. "Inseparable" with Jennifer Hudson:

And for a bonus clip, watch Candice's winning moment here:

Did you watch last night? Are you stoked about Candice's big win?


Image via FOX

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nonmember avatar Krystian

I had to refused watching this season because of minaj.

If shes been on past seasons why was she on this season?!?!? This is the problem I have.

Kree should have won hands down. Ive watched bits and pieces of her and she was amazing...mark my words well hear more of kree.

Only reason candice won was because idol has a never had an obese black woman win, and b they havent had a black woman win since that thing they call talented named fantasia.

Those are the only two reasons she won, if those werent there kree wouldve won hands down.

nonmember avatar Shaw

Krystian- What a disgusting comment! An obese black woman?!. You should truly be ashamed of yourself for having the audacity to post such a vile garbage. What does race or size have to do with a singing competition? The public voted and Kree came up short- that doesn't diminish her talent, but for you to call out Candice's weight and ignore the fact that she too is a fantastic performer is just ridiculous. I hope posting that junk gave you some sort of momentary pleasure because you have to be a truly miserable and sad person to post something like that.

nonmember avatar Krystian

Nah im actually a 100% happy with my life.

But the truth hurts...the public voted, when do you people want to open your eyes?!?!

IDOL IS FIXED. I mean look at their past winners, fantasia SHOULD NOT have won, neither should have rueben studord. Daughtry should not have gone home.

Fixed fixed. A black women hasnt won since that wanna be fantisa

nonmember avatar Shaw

Ok, so Idol is fixed... but only when a non-white contestant wins. Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever... And whoever is "moderating" these comments should check out the community guidelines which expressly forbids hate speech based on race, creed, sexual preference or religion.

there... theresaphilly

She sounds like all the other R&B singers out already. 

Deon Dre

I'm not really sure how i ended up on this page, I was just following the breadcrumbs, of Candice. But I am surprised to read some of the comments. In my own personal opinion, I believe Candice truly has an amazing voice and sound. I haven't had the honor of hearing any of the other contestants. I first heard her sing when she advanced to the top 20. I don't feel to go into great detail to tell you, singing has nothing to do with skin color, or weight, or any of the other meaningless superficial, traits and stereotypes that some would have you believe. Now lets stop for a second, and think, what is an American Idol? Yes they must be a great singer. But is that it? How about a Miss America? Yes, beautiful, but as we all know beauty is subjective, as is singing. Both must be posed, confident, persistent, dedicated discipline, and a whole slew of positive traits, that we all strive to achieve and maintain. Now let's go back. Here is a woman, who has tried out, not only once, but twice before, on previous seasons. Each time being told she didn't make the cut. Its easy to imagine, she just went home and came back to try again another year. But is that what really happened? See that's where those traits i spoke about come into play. It's who you are and what you do when no one else is watching, that determines your success. Outside of being an outstanding singer, she is truly the very meaning of an American Idol.

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