Celebrity Says Incredibly Nasty Things About Farrah Abraham, Then Gets Attacked for It

farrah abrahamFarrah Abraham is all the rage these days, so naturally, celebs are weighing in on what they think of the Teen Mom and her blossoming career as an "accidental" adult film star. John Legend's fiance, Chrissy Teigan, is one of those people. Teigan wrote on her Twitter: "Farrah Abraham now thinks she is pregnant from her sex tape. In other news you're a whore and everyone hates you. Whoops not other news, sorry."

Bold, right? And to be totally forthcoming, probably what a lot of other people are thinking. But there was backlash against Teigan -- crazy backlash. But Chrissy fought back. Hard.

After being attacked on her Twitter page, Teigan wrote: "Wow. Amazed to see the outrage behind calling a staged leaked sex tape chick from Teen Mom exactly what she is. Go on with your bad selves." And she didn't stop there. Teigan then continued: "Ok, so what I have learned today is slut shaming is a thing like bullying. Do NOT bully sluts, guys. We have a real problem here. People are really defending backdoor teem mom hardcore porn ... Are we really gonna pretend like this girl just had an accidentally leaked sex tape? Seriously?? What the f--k is wrong with you?"

You've gotta give it to the woman. She clearly says what she thinks, and makes no apologies about it. I think people in the spotlight often feel like they need to backtrack or issue a professional statement after getting attacked on social media and beyond. I find it really refreshing to see someone who's standing their ground, and not kissing the public's ass.

It's true, the word "whore" isn't the nicest in the dictionary. So perhaps Chrissy could have chosen something else. But I really don't see how anyone can disagree with her general sentiment. Farrah Abraham is getting very wealthy off of having sex with a porn star and trying to make it seem like it was a leaked sex tape. That's f*cked up! Why someone would want to defend that is beyond me.

Chrissy, for PC's sake, I guess you could have said something like, "You're disgusting and everyone hates you," but I'm with you, girl. I've got your back.

What do you think of what Chrissy Teigan said?


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mamab... mamabear1020

I think its called "Freedom of Speech" and she has every right to say what she wants. Props to her for having the balls to say what everyone is thinking! Farrah is trash. What happened to women showing class and dignity? 

Mrscj... Mrscjones

If it look like a whore,walk like a whore, talk like a whore, guess what its a whore. Stand your ground and dont backtrack.

nonmember avatar Whatever

Class and dignity are fine traits to have, but they aren’t gendered traits (or at least they shouldn’t be). The problem with this line of thinking is that is continues to hold women to a whole different set of standards when it comes to sex, an activity that typically takes two people to participate in. The problem lies with only having such scorn for the female half of the equation, while the male half is at best praised for his exploits and at worst worst just given a pass for being a man and being ‘allowed’ to have sex for whatever reason he wants. Do you see why that might be a problem? Farrah is tacky and trashy, but not because she is a woman. It’s because she’s a vapid person who will do anything for her 15 minutes of fame no matter what. That model didn’t have jack to say about Farrah’s co-star James Deen and he makes a freaking living screwing people on film. See what I mean? Stop shaming women for the same sexual behaviors men get a pass for.

Chana... Chanandler.Bong

Chrissy Teigan is notorious for attacking "celebrities" on twitter.  A few years back, she was vicious about Jay Mohr's son's name.  When he told her to back off and stop making fun of his son, she attacked him again, even more brutally.  I understand everyone has the right to say what they want.  They also will face consequences of what they say.  And I get why people don't like Farrah Abraham.  What I don't understand is why we care enough to even comment?  I personally would not make the decisions Farrah has.  But I certainly don't care enough to publicly say anything against her; nor do I think there's any justifiable reason to call anyone a whore.  There is no class in calling another woman a whore.  If you don't like what someone's doing, just live your life and ignore her.  Farrah's sex tape does not affect me in any way.  How she makes her money does not affect me.  It's not my place to criticize.  I'm too busy and too happy with my own life to care.  Perhaps Chrissy is not.

Shandi80 Shandi80

Chanandler.Bong, are you Farrah's BFF, sister, or lawyer?

Chana... Chanandler.Bong

Shandi, nope.  Not at all.  I am a huge real housewives fan, and remember the Chrissy feud with jay mohr from when he blogged the real housewives of New Jersey.  I am just a reader who finds the irony of a fellow commenter calling another woman trash, but then asking what happened to class and dignity.  It's hilarious that people are so quick to call this women crude names all while acting like they are classy women themselves.  True class means rising above.

nonmember avatar Whatever

Shandi, some of us just have more going on than being upset over who other people are fucking or why. Ironically, this model who got her panties in a wad over Farrah makes her living posing half naked being spank material for teenage boys. She sells sex,too. Not that I care because it’s her body but it’s stupid to get into a pissing contest over what makes somebody a whore because everyone has a totally different berometer for how much sex is too much and what kind of sex is okay. Everybody can be a whore by someone else’s standards, that’s the whole problem. There are people in this world who will call you a whore for wearing a bikini or showing your ankles, it’s all relative and that makes it pretty meaningless. The fact that it’s always directed at women is what bothers me.

Anthony Evans

those calling it freedom of speech didnt take a government class did they? You have a right to freedom of speech when its not hateful or attacking someone..

Tracey Roloff

If your female and someone doesnt like you your a whore, slut, bi*ch, and everything else they can think to call you. So leaking a porn or not those words have already been directed to her when she showed the positive pregnancy test at 16.

nonmember avatar Sarah

Shandi if you have more going on in your own life as you say than to care about the feud on twitter you shouldn't be getting mad or whatever when other people comment.

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