Awesome 'Bridezillas' Sneak Peek Reveals Craziest Brides of All Time (VIDEO)

bridezillaAfter 9 years of Bridezillas, I figured I had seen it all. Who could forget Candice's church-steps brawl, Megan's boozy, epic breakdown, or Vanessa, who treated her future in-laws like lepers. These were the most overly dramatic and insane brides in the history of marriage -- or so I thought. Turns out WE tv has been saving the best for last. In the 10th and final season of Bridezillas, you will meet the scariest women of all time. Check out The Stir's exclusive sneak peak of the madness:

They swear like sailors, yell at mothers, destroy reception buffets, get into brawl with bridesmaids, and much, much more. It's too crazy to miss. Take a look.

Amazing grown women would act like this, right? Especially on what is supposed to be the happiest day of their lives. It's sheer madness and we love every minute!

Were you a bridezilla? What's the most outrageous thing you've seen a bride do?


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Venae Venae

The most outrageous thing I've seen a GROOM do is marry any of these crazy bitches.

nonmember avatar Shan

This show is totally a guilty pleasure of mine. Also it comes on WeTV, not TLC. :)

nekoy... nekoyukidoll

The first time I was going to be a bridesmaid, the bride insisted we all wear our makeup the exact same way.  The problem was, one of the other bridesmaids had light skin and had bright red hair so green eye shadow would not look good on her at all.  Another one couldn't wear the brand the bride picked out; it was Mary Kay and she broke out in a bad rash.  The bride accused her of lying so she wouldn't have to buy the makeup.  So glad I dropped out of the wedding.

Jai Hutto

I agree with Venae! I have only watched a few episodes of the show and those were ENOUGH! They all act like spoiled, entitled brats.

nonmember avatar Krystian

I agree about the grooms marrying lol.

But my most bridezillaish moments were about my invites...everyone wanted me to do them on my own, and I thought all the diy invitations were butt ass ugly.

Some people call me bridezilla about the hair nails and gowns. But it wasnt like these women.

It was you had to have hair half up half down, NATURAL looking make up. Long dress, silver shoes, and your nails had to be either clesr, or white or blue tips.

Thank god I only had two girls and they didnt get mad at all.

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