Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson May Have Had Terrible Fight on His Birthday After He Got Totally Drunk

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kristen stewart pensiveWeren't you looking forward to hearing about how much hand-holding and special moment-sharing Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson did together on his birthday? Well forget it. Those two did not cooperate with our wishes. Instead, it looks like Kristen and Rob got into a big, fat fight -- maybe because Rob got drunk as a skunk.

Here Kristen had all these adorably sweet plans for Rob, but then they ended up spending the day apart. In fact, a photog/stalker supposedly caught Kristen looking "agitated and visibly upset," talking on the phone and pacing all over her friend's house. As for Rob, he was seen getting tanked the other night, so people who speculate for a living are speculating that she's mad at him for that. 

As an aside? I'd just like to tell the paparazzi that you really needn't go through all that trouble of taking photographs of Kristen inside someone's damn house. Really. It's creepy and even if you're a Twimillionaire, you deserve to freak out in privacy somewhere.


Whatever Kristen was upset about, it's pretty clear that she and Rob did not spend his birthday together. Is this the beginning of the end? Or just a little fight? Maybe Rob wants out of his fake relationship contract early. (Oh sorry, I wasn't going to bring that up again.)

I don't know. My spidey senses are telling me this Twilight romance is winding down. I just get the feeling she's doing all the work to keep it going, and he's kind of like ... eh. So Kristen, it's time to pull up the stakes and move on. Read the writing on the wall. Um ... I'm sure I could throw up a few more cliches, but you know what I'm saying. UNLESS! That rumor about the two buying a romantic home in Idaho together is true? Yeah ... probably not.

Do you think Rob and Kristen are breaking up, or is this just a little tiff?


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carme... carmen1692

I'm confused! Didn't the stir write an article about them spending his birthday together? And she got a table for him? Make up your mind people. Did they or didn't they. Lol..

Rashi Nanda

poor journalism in this site. i am sure they are okay but IDK what's going on? I hope they work it out.

nonmember avatar Hilary

I am not a fan of pattinson - I think Kristen should tell him to go to hell. You are a bright, beautiful cookie Kristen - you can do so much better. Good luck girl but I think he is treating you badly and its time to call it a day - make him chase you and prove his love!

nonmember avatar Kristi

"may have had a terrible fight" Really? Thats your headline? Well, monkeys "may" have flown out of Obama's butt too. "May have"

Karolayne Andrade

eu acho esse site um lixo pois deverian colocar coisas verdadeiras, pois tem ate fotos deles no aniverssário e agora esses idiotas coloca coisas falsas no nome dele... e eu acho q quem deveria dar um chute na bunda da kristen e o Robert Pattinson pois ela não merece ela e pronto.

nonmember avatar ray

I think he and Katy Perry spend took much time together to be just friends

nonmember avatar JG317

Okay, well, let's start with the reports of Rob getting 'tanked' are so grossly misstated it's just sad. That report is based on a single photo of Rob in a car after leaving the Chateu Marmont and he had his head down looking at his phone and avoiding eye contact with the papz. He may or may not have had something to drink. But, he was not tanked.

Second, the pity party over poor poor pitiful Ms Stewart being so put upon needs to come to a bleeding end. SHE cheated. SHE broke up a family. SHE lied. SHE has been courting press attention (which she supposedly hates) just to keep her name attached to his in any way. She's a big girl, she did wrong, and she knows it. But, insulting the person who was a victim in the whole bs deal just goes to show a person's true colors. You make excuses for a liar and adultress and snipe (unfoundedly) at the person who was betrayed?

As for what they did or didn't do on his birthday, well, as people are so very quick to remind me, pictures don't tell the whole story. *eyeroll*

nonmember avatar TiredMom

Re: JG317 - the 'cheating' incident (more like -tabloid manufactured nonsense over 2 G-rated kisses and a few hugs - "pictures don't tell the whole story") was 10 MONTHS AGO. If anyone is to continue in a relationship, the 'victim' needs to forgive, then LET IT GO. It is NOT a free pass for the 'victim' to then treat their partner poorly. If he can't let it go, then he needs to move on - oh, wait, do we know he can't let it go? NO, because NEITHER of them TALK ABOUT THEIR RELATIONSHIP TO THE PUBLIC. THEY are the only ones who know what is going on in THEIR relationship - the constant bashing is nauseating. And the paparazzi taking pictures of her while she is inside a private home, where she HAS a reasonable expectation of privacy, is disgusting.

nonmember avatar Chrissy

@ Hilary....really U think Kristen can do better...that Rob has treated her bad????? WTH...She CHEATED on Rob....she HELP BREAK UP A the truth is HE CAN DO BETTER & SHE CAN LOOK 4 THE REST OF HER PATHIC & SAD LIFE & SHE WILL NEVER FIND ANOTHER MAN ANYWHERES NEAR THE MAN THAT ROB IS!!!!

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