Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore's $10 Million Divorce Couldn't Be Any Nastier

ashton kutcher demi mooreAshton Kutcher and Demi Moore's divorce has been, in a word, a bloodbath. The Kutcher/Moore divorce started in November of 2011, and here we are, a year-and-a-half later, no progress whatsoever -- but now we know why. Evidentally, Demi wants $10 million of a $100 million business deal Ashton was a part of, and Ashton's saying: In your dreams, Moore.

Apparently, Ashton, business-minded man that he is, founded a venture capital fund with Madonna's manager, Guy Oseary, called A-Grade Investments. The purpose of A-Grade was to invest in tech start-ups, and it's been valued at $100 million -- and Demi wants a piece of that shiz. But Ashton's saying that he made all that cash after he and Demi split, so Demi shouldn't get jack. According to a source: "Ashton set up A-Grade with Oseary in 2010, when he and Demi were still together, but he recently told her lawyers the fund had not made substantial money. In fact, he claimed he had only put about $1 million into it. Now it seems Ashton and Oseary were working towards a private offering based on a valuation of $100 million. Ashton owns 20 percent of the fund, under California law, Demi should be entitled to half of his share -- $10 million."

Now let's not forget here either that, for whatever reason, Ashton makes a shitload of money on Two and a Half Men. The dude is wealthy. Really wealthy. And he cheated on Demi and publicly humiliated her. Yes, $10 is a lot of money, but, well, that's what you get when you're super rich and don't value the sanctity of marriage: Screwed. 

I really hope that Ashton winds up having to pay Demi the $10 million. Not only because I find him particularly annoying, but because: Dude, Where's Your Morals? You hooked up with a random girl in Vegas and tried to lie about it even though there were pictures! And now you're trying to lie about how much money you have! Not cool. Not cool at all, Kutcher. You owe that woman big time.

What do you think about this?


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Frank David King

When Demi and Ashton first split up, Demi did an interview with Harper's Bazaar magazine that was so astonishing, it inspired me to write this essay:

ilove... ilovemy4kiddies

I think she deserves that and more! Besides it seems like a small price to pay for him. He's the one getting off scot free. 

there... theresaphilly

What she has no money? I thought she had way more money and status as he did.

IHear... IHeartCake

It is funny that this article says, "$10 is a lot of money," which is true. 

Prett... PrettyGirlMyers

Wow, you actually know Ashton and Demi, so you know exactly what happened between them? That is so cool!

Get a life. Seriously.

Roni Clark

She is independantly wealthy. What does she need his money for?  She seems like an unstable, bitter, old woman. Let go and MOVE ON!! That's what happens when you mess around with a much younger guy. Plastic surgery can't fix everything. No matter how much surgery she had, she was still too old for him. I hope she doesn't get a penny, however, if that is how much it takes to get rid of her, I suggest he pay her off and be done! I'm sure he'll make that money back, and then some.

Michelle Kaye

its also well known that she allowed other women in their marriage bed in the range of threesomes. This was stated in more than one place and was a huge reason why Kutcher wanted out. She gets what she deserves, you dont invite 3rd parties into your marriage - it blurs the lines for those involved.

Plus she is really wealthy too, at one time she was making 20 mill a movie - though why is beyond me. She is trying to get him where it hurts, since he no longer loves her she is after the wallet.


She's worth waaay much more than he is.She got 90mil. from Bruce.She is not going to see that kind of payday from Kutcher.At her age she needs to grow the heck up and move on.She's an attractive woman.I know that's easier said than done ,but I just hate to see someone give up on their own self worth.

nonmember avatar Carolyn Levesqu

She should of realized the risk of marrying a younger man. She is wealthy in her own right. I believe because of her additions she made his life unbearable. I don't believe she deserves any money. Bruce gave her a great deal of money in that divorce settlement.

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