Maci Bookout's Date to the Strip Club Is Perfectly Normal

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Maci Bookout and Taylor, her boyfriendI think it's safe to say that on the weekends, we all like to pause and blow off a little steam. For me, that's taking a long run and going out to drinks with a few girlfriends. For Teen Mom star Maci Bookout, that's going to the strip club.

But really. Over the weekend the mother to adorable son Bentley was spending time with her long-distance boyfriend Taylor, when she tweeted that they were going to spend a wonderful evening out ... at the strip club.

Sure, I can see where people may find this concerning, but let's be real here: There's NOTHING wrong with the fact that Maci Bookout went to the strip club. Nothing at all.

Let's just pause for a second and look at who we're dealing with here. Sure, Maci partied a lot last year and some criticized her for it, wondering if she was getting out of control. The reality, though, is that Maci is a good mom. She's AWESOME with her son Bentley, has dedicated herself to her studies, and somehow manages to deal with the whirlwind of fame in a safe, careful way. Maci seems to be doing just fine.

The facts: Her boyfriend Taylor isn't around a lot. Since they had special time together, they wanted to do something fun. If the strip club is her poison, get it girl. As long as Bentley is all taken care of, she deserves a fun night out. And heck, let's be REAL -- as long as she didn't pull a Farrah Abraham and turn this strip club trip into a full-fledged porno, I see nothing to be concerned about.

Do you think Maci is out of line heading to the strip club?


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Jamie Wicker

I don't see how she does AWESOME with her kid, when she hardly keeps him and is 22 years old and doesn't probably even have a semester of college credits.

nonmember avatar T

There is a lot wrong with going out to strip clubs. Learn how to write and stop saying REAL and PAUSE all the time.

Amber Marie Banks

I see nothing wrong with her going to a strip club...she is 22, she's an adult, nothing wrong with having some fun every now and then.


Yasmin Duguid

I don't see anything wrong with it and she i8s amazing with benny

Stephanie Sherlock

Who cares if she has college credits?! That has nothing to do with being a mom. You don't know her personally, so you don't know what she has to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Tabby Okamoto

She's a good mom. Her son is always well taken care of. So who cares what she does on her free time? Get it, girl! have fun and enjoy your time with your man.

momof... momof35219

Well at least her ad her man are spending time together and he's not doing it behind her back. There is nothing wrong with going to the strip club. Some people are apparently insecure in their relationships and that's why they have a problem with it.

nonmember avatar ceecee


Jennifer Sandow

No not at all.. I mean really its a strip club and she was with her man... Who don't like going to a strip club.. It's all fun and games... She's young and one of the best mothers of Teen Mom ... Go Maci...

nonmember avatar Kelly

I honestly don't think she is a good mother she barely has her son... But it's her life let her party all the time if she misses her sons life that's her problem.

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