'DWTS' Results Recap: The Right 4 Couples Are Headed to the Finals

Ingo Rademacher and Kym JohnsonThe semifinals results show tonight was also the 300th episode of Dancing With the Stars, so the stakes were high. Only four of the five couples made it through and into the finals next week. 

Results aside, it was more entertaining than most results shows. The AT&T Spotlight Performance showcased 10-year-old dancer Sophia Lucia who was as adorable as she was talented. Somebody better get that girl a contract ASAP. We also saw The Wanted perform their hit, "Fill a Heart," and Avril Lavigne belt out her new single, "Here’s to Never Growing Up." Of course, there was the elimination too (SPOILERS AHEAD).

The first couple to get their golden ticket was ... Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff, which was no surprise after that amazing tango they did last night. My money is on them taking the whole show.

While Kellie Pickler was less than thrilled with her performance during their second dance last night, she and Derek Hough also escaped jeopardy. Aly Raisman and Mark Ballas were also home free, deservedly so after that killer afro jazz routine last night.

So the two couples left in jeopardy were Zendaya Coleman and Val Chmerkovskiy and Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson. While Zendaya is clearly a better dancer technically than he is, that lack of passion between her and Val has been apparent this season, and last night their performance was just ho-hum. So it wouldn't have been altogether shocking if they were eliminated ... but they weren't.

Ingo seemed to know it was coming and was nothing but gracious upon hearing the news. And really, it was his time. Week after week as of late we've thought he might go, and it's pretty amazing he made it as far as he did. He said:

This has been an amazing experience because I thought I was going to be done in, like, two weeks. Kym has choreographed the most amazing routines and she catered them toward my two left feet—and it got us this far.

So we have our final four, and it's a pretty strong bunch we'll see dance for the win on Monday. As we know from past seasons, it's anything but a done deal at this point. Anything can still happen.

Do you think the right four couples are in the finals? Who do you think will win?


Image via ABC

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nonmember avatar kaerae

If they want passion between the dancers, don't cast a 16-year-old. Val is doing his best in an awkward situation. Latin dances to have a sensual, sexual quality, and he has to dance with a child, wtf do they want him to do?

nonmember avatar Kristin

You don't get passion when your "star" is 16 and a better dancer then the "pro"

Laurel Turner

Heaven sakes dancing isn't just about passion...that 16 year old and that awesome professional dancer Val... ROCKED the Argentine Tango with Anna and Max...that is a hard dance. Val and Zendaya have an outstanding friendship that goes above and beyond any of the other dancers. They stand out from the rest because they don't use mimics and hoax and jokes to dance. Jacoby can only jump over Karina and tear open his shirt. Get over it already. Val and Zendaya are the best and most professional dancers on DWTS EVER. I hope her fan base takes her to the Mirrorball Trophy so everyone can understand about real dancing.

Debbie Webb-Hickman

I would be proud of my 16 year old daughter NOT dancing like some people do. Some doesn't even belong in public.

Debbi Anna

I agree 100% with this comment

Nancy Lopata Prince

This is the FIRST time in the history of DWTS that the BEST DANCERS have made it to the finals!! Previously it was based on popularity not dancing!! It is about time!!

nonmember avatar Susan Seufert

I agree with all these comments. I don't know what this author is watching. It's not going to be about "passion" with Val and Zendaya. It will be about technique, style, and performance. Their chemistry is fine. In my opinion, they are heads above any other partners in these areas. They have all my votes!

Laura Elizabeth Debnam

c'mon zendaya is still a child she is 16 yrs old it shud b based on technacality not passion

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