'Dracula' Mini-Series Trailer: Is the New Vamp on the Block Hot or Not? (VIDEO)

jonathan rhys meyersIf there's one thing we need in this world, it's clearly MORE vampire shows on TV. Seriously! True Blood isn't on all year round, you know. So I was totally rooting for NBC's new mini-series, Dracula -- even if the original Bram Stoker tale seems to be getting just a teensy bit played out at this point. Maybe this shiny new version, starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers of The Tudors, would be innovative and clever and sexy! Optimism, friends!! Did I mention Dracula is from the producers of Downton Abbey?? How bad can this thing be?

Then NBC released the official trailer ... and I watched it.


And, well, it was ... confusing. Like, at first I could swear I was watching a scene from The Phantom of the Opera. Because Dracula's love interest, Mina (Jessica De Gouw) totally looks like she's about to bust out some uber-soprano stylings. But just when I was expecting a big chandelier to fall on everybody, the scene changed ... and I could swear I was watching any/every Jack the Ripper movie. The dark streets of Victorian-era London, carriages drawn by spooked horses and rain and shadows ... and then it shifted to standard Dracula territory, and I was all like Where's Keanu Reeves at? As for Jonathan Rhys Meyers, I personally think he makes a better corrupt royal than immortal icon.

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Eh. In short, I'm not like jumping up and down in gleeful anticipation. But that's just me -- you might jump up and down all night long after watching the trailer:

Sooooo ... are you jumping? Sitting? Standing on one foot?

What do you think of the new Dracula trailer?


Image via nbc

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