Shakira Leaving 'The Voice' & Guess Who's Replacing Her?

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ShakiraWhat I'm about to tell you may put a damper on your day because it has most definitely on mine. Just as I was really starting to love everything about her sweet, charming personality -- reportedly Shakira is leaving The Voice. AND not only is Shakira dunzo, but former judge Christina Aguilera will be reclaiming her spot in the spinning chair. I. Know.

Rumor has it that Christina really wanted back in the action, and the head honchos behind the singing show were ALL about it. Shakira will wrap up season 4 on June 18, and wam bam see ya later, it's Xtina's turn come the fall. 

I'm ... I'm ... bummed. It's not that I don't like Christina. I think she adds some interesting spice and flair to the show. But Shakira is just so sweet. She's so cute. She's been so fun to watch and I adore her laugh! Couldn't we just add, like, a fifth chair or something?

Maybe I'm being a little harsh, but I think it's nice to have a sweet, charismatic judge on the panel. Shakira's no pushover, but the woman is honest and genuine and I appreciate that. Not to mention -- I also liked the Latin flair that Shakira brought to this season, and thought that it brought out some interesting characteristics in some of the show's contestants.

As opposed to Shakira, Christina has a bit more bite. Christina has a sharper tongue and is more into debating with the guys. I'm interested to see what Christina's dynamic will be with Usher (that is, if he stays on -- there's no word yet) and if the two will butt heads. I feel like Adam and Blake have a niche kind of singer they attract to their teams, and Christina and Usher will be going for a lot of the same artists.

I guess only time will tell. One thing to hope for? That Shakira's exit from the show means she'll work on some new music. Heck, post-baby, she's got her slammin' bod back -- perhaps a tour is even in her future!

Are you bummed to see Shakira go?


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nonmember avatar krystian

Wont watch it. I dont watch because its dumb. Shouldve just kept blake and adam and been done

nonmember avatar MammaMel

How is this news? That was announced as the plan from the beginning....

nonmember avatar leslie

First I am curious why Krystian claims it is so dumb? Blake and Adam are still on the show.

Second this story is not news. Christina said when she left that she was taking a break to work on her own music, never that she was leaving.

.LoVe... .LoVeMyBuG.

I don't care for either Christina or Shakira. I like Shakira as a person but not as a coach. If anything they need to bring back Cee lo and get rid of Usher. 

nonmember avatar Dee Williamson

Sorry, but I don't want Christina back, it was so refreshing to have Shakira as a judge...
With Christina, it was all about ME,ME,ME...
I guess it depends on who you know and about how much pressure you can apply on the main man....JUST SAYING.....

Kimberly Martinez

I think Usher is a great coach. He is really putting in the effort to help the artists he chose. I heard CeeLo wanted to come back as well. I wonder what will happen. Maybe Blake or Adam will take a break from the show (hopefully not Adam ;) !!


nonmember avatar carol

I don't care for Christina. She makes it all about her and doesn't know how to wear clothes that fit her. She's sick to look at.

nonmember avatar Michele

Christina is awful! I love the show but was so happy to see her leave. Now I may not watch it at all. Christina is so rude and condescending and conceited it's sick.

nonmember avatar Lori

I hope she does not leave. She is SOOOO cute, and she dresses appropriately. She is so funny. I cannot stand Christina, and I do not care for Celo either. I think the 4 they have on there now are PERFECT. Kids watch this show, and they do not need to see what Christina puts out there.

kalea... kalea_kane

This was something they mentioned from the get go so I am not terribly surprised.  Cee Lo is supposed to come back too.  It was only a season hiatus to focus on their music.  Probably because the Voice has had so much success they keep the ball rolling with barely a break in between.  It started in April of 2011 and is already on its 4th season.  Not surprising the artists need a break when they have to think of touring and whatnot.  Anyway, I like Christina.  I'm glad she will be back.  Nothing against Shakira.  She is a doll and totally talented.  Though I really wasn't keen on two of the song choices for two of her team members last night.  I think of all the coaches, Usher has done the best job.  He really has a way of bringing a lot of out of his team.

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