Robert Pattinson May Have Passed Out Drunk Because He Guessed Kristen Stewart’s Big Birthday ‘Surprise’

robert pattinsonIf my significant other got me a table for my birthday, I'd probably get super drunk, too. Robert Pattinson, who turned 27 on Monday, celebrated with friends at the Los Feliz, California home he shares with girlfriend Kristen Stewart. Apparently, KStew was really excited about showering her pale vampire with love and affection during a day at home and an evening out on the town. The festivities were kept hidden from RPattz -- Kristen wanted to make sure he was thoroughly surprised with what she had up her sleeve.

Thing is, though, the plans don't sound that elaborate. Reportedly, they spent the day at home swimming, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. And that special gift? Kristen allegedly had a snooker table handmade and installed by their pool. (Basically, a snooker table is like the English version of a billiards table.) She flew in some British teas and treats, as well.

I'm sure Robert liked the thoughtful present, even if it was a tad on the boring side. I mean, he's not a member of the Kardahsian family -- a blinged out watch or stupidly expensive car isn't going to resonate the same way as something meaningful. Kudos to KStew.

But, Rob was photographed leaving an L.A. club on Thursday night looking a little worse for the wear -- he was caught passed out in his car, a LiLo move if ever there was one -- which makes us wonder if a) he got so drunk because he was happily celebrating his birthday; b) because he was sadly drinking away his birthday blues; or c) just getting drunk like any other guy on his birthday.

Rob's like an onion, you guys, and I'm sure there are many layers to his birthday revelry, but one thing's certain, if I got my significant other a loving dog, a symbol of our togetherness and a nod to future parenting, and they got me a pool table ... well, I'd get sloshed, too.

What do you think?


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nonmember avatar J

Geez people read so much into everything. Leave the couple alone. Perhaps he had always wanted a specific table, maybe he's a big billiards fan.

Wendi Beehler Shute

for one thing this is Tuesday and his birthday was yesterday on Monday so what has him getting drunk on thursday have anything to do with him finding out his birthday gifts from yesterday...please...and I believe I saw this pic last week under another caption...will you crazy people ever stop trying to reck peoples lives????

Sharon Gibson Mullins

if you look close you idiots would see he doesnt have his eyes closed he is looking at his phone...dumbasses


Nicole Reamer

yeah hope rob is alright he is a great actor and a great guy

kelly... kelly24019

Did you really quote shrek

Jane H. Crabill

Lindsay Mannering this is a May 14 th article. Why is it on today June 7th? Do you just have to write about Kristen and Rob that badly?

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