‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Casting Rumors Keep Famous Women in the Running (VIDEO)

jean kasumAnyone else out there losing sleep over the uncertainty surrounding the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? I mean, besides Kim Richards? The question on everyone's mind is the open spots left by Adrienne Maloof, Camille Grammer, and possibly Kim Richards -- the latest report is that Casey Kasem's wife, Jean, who also had a role on Cheers in the '80s, is in talks with Bravo.

She told TMZ that she's had a meeting with the powers that be, or as she calls them, "the Housewife people," and I'm into it.

From the 19-second clip, it seems like Jean would be a natural on the show: her plastic surgery is insane, her hair is white blonde, she's got her own business to promote (something about baby carriages), and she's eager for attention. Sign her up!

Even though Jean appears to be all 'bout it 'bout it, sources are saying that any rumor that she's joining the cast is "totally false." Apparently, Jean's been approached to be a cast member before and has declined the offer.

Regardless of the truth, the rumor is still uplifting. It sounds like Bravo's looking for a C- or D-list celeb to join the cast. From Jean to Lisa Rinna to LeAnn Rimes, the potential new cast member will probably be an actress or an actor's wife, and hey, the more "Hollywood" they are, the better.

Perhaps Matt Damon's wife is available? Or Leonardo DiCaprio's mother? Ooh. Susan Lucci would be a wonderful addition to the cast. If you read Andy Cohen's book Most Talkative, you know the Bravo exec has a soft spot for the soap star ...

Susan Lucci pulls Brandi Glanville's hair -- I can see the headlines now.

Do you want the new RHOBH cast member to be a Hollywood "insider"?


Photo via TMZ

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Mair V Frichtel

I would like to see Taylor GO! She and her 'zip code', that she worked SO HARD to be in. Ship that whack job back to whatever back road she came from sticking out tongue

Joanne Hester

I am not wanting Taylor or Kim to go. In the past I wouldn't of cared if Taylor left. I would like to see her stay and get her self back on her feet and find some happiness.Susan Lucci would be a good replacement for Adrienne.  Lisa Rinna is another person who be enjoyable.

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