Kanye West's Frightening Paparazzi Freakout Should Make Kim Kardashian Extremely Worried (VIDEO)

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Kanye West and Kim KardashianCelebrities getting frustrated with paparazzi -- it happens. Understandably so, if I had people following me around capturing my every move, I'd get pretty annoyed too. But Kanye West took annoyed to a whole other level the other day. While house hunting with girlfriend Kim Kardashian in Bel Air, Kanye hit his head on a street sign. One particular paparazzo was following them around, and I guess that little head bump set Yeezy off because he literally RAN after the guy telling him "don't take another effin' photo man," lunging at him, and cussing him off.

Seriously, you have to see this. At this point I'll discourage you from consuming any beverages because what you're about to watch is going to scare you, you'll most likely scream, and then you'll have coffee/juice/something all over your shirt.

Watch Kanye's flip-out, here:

Plain and simple: Kanye needs to take a breather. I get it, he's annoyed that the pap is catching him on camera after this blow. I don't blame him. But the man has a temper that needs to be controlled. It's NOT okay to lunge after other people, Ye. In fact, it's dangerous and as we can all see -- frightening.

Even crazier? Kim's defending Kanye's angry reaction, saying that the paparazzi have been increasingly aggressive since her pregnancy and his anger is justified. Sure, she wants to stick up for her man. However, the mom-to-be needs to look at these red flags. This temper is unpredictable. Does she want him to use that kind of temper around her baby? I highly doubt it. Someone needs to get a hold on Kanye's emotions STAT.

Do you think Kanye was out of line?


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Hello07 Hello07

Look I don't like him; but I'd loose my cool sometimes too with those paparazzi. They are ruthless, dangerous and awful. I get that they choose this lifestyle but still... I'd flip the f$&k out sometimes too. A person can only take so much.

nonmember avatar Pam

I'm not a fan of either of them, but I saw the video and he hit his head HARD. There was a huge goose egg on his forehead afterwards. The insincere "are you ok, man?" while still snapping pictures was probably infuriating. He could have handled it better but there is a limit to how much celebrities should have to take, especially after getting hurt.

N_mar... N_maricle

He's a media whore who gets mad at his pic being taken. Honestly he lost all credibility at the Grammies when he stole Taylor swifts moment. What a turd.

kelti... kelticmom

I'm not a huge fan of his either, but if I had whacked my head that hard and the paparazzi was hounding me and snapping pictures, I would probably freak out too. Those paps harrass celebrities and antagonize them into reacting because they know they will get a better shot. You can hardly look at this episode and say that he will be a potentially abusive father because of this.

nonmember avatar hov

he mad cause he was embarrassed bout hitting the sign, oh no humpboy rayj and reggie all gon see this and laugh...hahaha yup u a joke kanye

jalaz77 jalaz77

I look at it this way... How will you react if you hurt yourself with screaming children around you? I have done that, stub my toe and it's black and blue and at the same time I've got screaming kids around my feet how do you react then? He needs to calm down, he is a hot head!

nonmember avatar Renae

He was just embarrassed and upset and lashed out, but I don't even believe that the paparazzi he came back out to scream at was one of the ones that was there initially, that's why the guy kept saying " I just got here....if you want me to leave, I'll leave" ( as he continues to follow Kanye with a cameras).

Paps are leeches, but they are Kim's lifeline to fame, so she really needs a man who doesnt mind this....and Kanye isn't that guy. His anger is only one of the signs the public has seen that screams GET OUT OF THIS RELATIONSHIP! Him revamping her look was another one,he just seems a tad controlling but I believe Kim likes that in a man.

nonmember avatar Deb

PLEASE, for the love of GOD, PLEASE stop giving these idiots the attention they crave! C'mon now, they conspire to find every way possible to GET ATTENTION, then FREAK when they get it?? OMG--what jerks!

nonmember avatar Shellandty

Yeah he was ugly at the awards with Taylor, no excuse. But how long does a person have to pay for a mistake? Ppl are so critical like they are perfect themselves. Not likely by any means. You know, I would be pissed too, jussayin. If I was minding my business and getting harassed incessantly and hit my head BC of it,... I think I might flip my lid a little too. Sheesh he didn't hit the guy, he just yelled, so elfin what? Awwwww poor baby got his feelers hurt over that? WOW. "Girly- man".

nonmember avatar sue

she is in danger. it is not funny. there are sooo many red flags. please don't be stupid he can snap and will snap one day at her- and she will probably hide it. where is Khloe when you need her.

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