Another 'Teen Mom' Star's Long Rap Sheet Makes Jenelle Evans Look Like a Saint

teen mom 2 castPop quiz time, Teen Mom fans. Which teen parent racked up the most arrests of anyone on the show? Here's a hint: it's not Jenelle Evans. And since we're talking teen parents, you can't count Tyler Baltierra's dad Butch in there either.

Go ahead ... take your time.

Did you guess Adam Lind? Aka father of Chelsea Houska's daughter Aubree?

The 21-year-old reality star is currently in jail, serving out a 90-day stint for driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license. He's allowed out to go to work, but that's it. And according to details dug up by Sean Daly and Ashley Majeski, authors of the new book, Teen Mom Confidential: Secrets and Scandals From MTV's Most Controversial Shows, this isn't Lind's first brush with the law. Far from it.

In the past years, Chelsea's ex has been arrested ... wait for it ... 35 times!

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And here we could only come up with nine mugshots for Jenelle, including her latest pop for alleged heroin possession. Home girl might not be the most mixed up parent in the bunch after all!

How Adam has evaded serious jailtime before now is anyone's guess, especially considering there were several times when a judge suspended jail sentences, provided he kept his nose clean ... only for him to go out and re-offend not much later.

Most of the offenses are related to driving and/or alcohol, but the way Adam has dealt with many turned them into something more serious. Take a speeding offense in June 2008. He was clocked going 89 mph in a 55 mph zone at 2 a.m. But then to make matters worse, Adam didn't bother showing up for his scheduled court date!

Let me just say it again: Chelsea is so much better off without this guy!

Were you surprised to hear Adam had been arrested more than Jenelle? Who did you think it would be?


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momav... momavanessa

No I am not surprised! Chelsea really picked a winner there!! It also explains his smug attitude the way he acts like he is untouchable and innocent.

Corina Marie

i thought it would be amber

Katrina Hennessy

wow good it was him and not one of the moms

Baile... Bailey8307

This guy gives me the creeps. The way he treats the mother of his child is appalling, and his complete and utter disregard for the law.. it makes me wonder what's going on his mind. He seems to fit many of the characteristics of a sociopath.. I can't believe this guy is going to father another child. I hope Chelsea meets someone someday who will love and respect her and be a positive role model and father figure for her little girl.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Well, my guess is that it's a TINY town, I've been there, and his parents are probably connected to the right people, that's how small towns work, unfortunately.

Serab... Serabelle

35 times! Why is he not locked up forever? Clearly he is incapable of follow the law, therefor a danger to society! People like him are why California has the 3 strikes law, 3 felonies and you go bye-bye forever.

Michelle Elkins Reiter

I have disliked this guy since the middle of her 16 & pregnant episode! When She had to call her dad and beg him to come home and comfort her. After he sent her, the first, cruel and disrespectful text message! It made me cry for her and her baby!! He is trash! I hope she will see him for what he is and choose a better path for her daughter and herself!

Jaysg... Jaysgal426

I only watched one season of this show and really began hating it. You know who I feel bad for, Chelsea's kid. Chelsea's child is really going to suffer because she lacks two responsible parents. First she failed to protect herself from an unplanned pregnancy, then her dad bails her out by paying her rent and she totally disrespects him by letting her boyfriend over. She's never had to take any responsibility for anything, especially ending a relationship that is no good for her or her child. A responsible parent puts their child needs first. There is such a back lash against Anna Duggar, but at least Anna Duggar and girls like her don't have children out of wedlock, don't live off the dole, pick husbands that will good fathers for their children and realize what a huge and important job motherhood is. Where is the back lash against irresponsible teenage moms and the sad situation they put society in. We were better off when teen moms like this had their children taken away and given to good responsible two parent households. It shouldn't be about the parents, but the children who are going to grow up all screwed up because of the troubling situations they were raised in.

Lilly Keesher

and she is STILL HOOKING UP with this POS... Chelsea will NEVER learn. He cares NOTHING for her and uses her at his whim.

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