Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev May Have Broken Up Over Cheating Scandal

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Ian Somerhalder & Nina DobrevI know you're all, like, so TOTALLY freaking out because Ian Somerhalder is allegedly single. Yes, if you missed last week's major bomb: Ian and longtime girlfriend Nina Dobrev broke up. It's like everything we once knew about vampire perfection is now ... WRECKED!

Well get this -- sources are saying that the big breakup is because Ian cheated on Nina. Ian ... a cheater?! But Nina's so beautiful. And I thought Ian was, like, perfect? The man does insane amounts of charity work, and he has those perfect EYES! I feel as if my world is crumbling around me.

OK, I'm in over my head here. Allegedly friends of the duo are saying that Ian may have made a major mistake and Nina just can't forgive him. Heck, if it's true, I can't blame her. Cheating in a relationship is one of the hardest things someone in love will ever deal with.

The hardest part is that it's not like you can just flick a switch and stop caring about someone, especially someone you love. When someone cheats in a relationship but doesn't want to end things, you're both in a wretched position. Both individuals have to question why did this happen? What will this change for us? And possibly the worst one of all: Is what we had just not good enough anymore?

In my experience -- I've found that someone who cheats with you or on you is more than likely to do it again. Sure, there are one-offs. I have a great friend who has been in her relationship for five years now, but her boyfriend cheated after year one. Sure, it took them time to regain that trust back, but once they did, they were golden. Soon they'll get engaged and I have no doubt in my mind they'll spend the rest of their lives in a happy, blissful, committed relationship.

So yes, its situational. Clearly if Ian cheated, it's something that Nina doesn't think she can get over, and hey, that's OK. But if Ian's truly back on the market, then he better watch out: I know a handful of women myself who wouldn't mind a date.

Have you ever been cheated on? Did you stay in the relationship or get out?


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nonmember avatar Stormy

Yup it hurts and yes its a guilt trip not just for your self but the other party involved ....

Amanda Lynne Grieco

got out once a cheater always a cheater all trust is gone if your not happy just end it or voice whats wrong so the other person can fix it being in a relationship isnt about one person being right the other wrong to make it work both people must be in it

LostS... LostSoul88

Ive been cheate dona nd no I didn't stay in the relationship. Once a cheater always a cheater. It doesn't matter how beautiful the person is, or how smart, or how much chairty they do. Those do not stop people from cheating. 

Aeris... AerisKate

I honestly just don't believe this rumor. 

nonmember avatar Jen

Never been cheated on to my knowledge but I cheated and the truth was, cheating is a symptom of a broken relationship. I don't agree that once a cheater always a cheater as I've never cheated on the man I've been with since, but I definitely am glad I told my ex it happened and he ended it. It was meant to be that way.

nonmember avatar guest

No way he cheated on her.... Is you source The Hollywood Gossip? Because they released the same story this morning and they had no proof.

nonmember avatar Taylor

And who did he cheat on her with? All "sources" and "pals" said. These crap rumors are getting stupid. What's even more silly is that everyone believes these tabloid magazines that are trying to make money and a living with their gossip. Apparently Brad and Angie cheat on each other and break up every second week. Nian certainly has reached A grade status.

Aeris... AerisKate

Celebrity Derity Laundry - the website that this article links to - had a story back in March I think about Ian cheating with two women from ISF (his foundation).  The story was so blatantly false, that it's funny.  The two women he was with are happily married and one just got married this past fall (Ian officiated the wedding I believe and Nina was a guest also).  These websites just have to stir up gossip to get traffic.  Just wish the stories had some basis in reality instead of being totally ridiculous. 

nonmember avatar Saitaina

Yes, he totally cheated on her and we're only hearing about this in rumor and induendu because somewhere in the world celeberty scandal there is an 'other woman' who doesn't open her mouth the second she can.


IF they broke up...it couldn't be over, oh, I don't know, the fact that they're ten years apart in age and want different things out of their lives right now? The fact that the buisness they're in puts stresses on a relationship that most can't stand or even may be the fact they just fell out of love as people sometimes do?

No, it has to be an OMG cheating scandal because people just can't be people.

Ute Jsn

Rumors , yup .. I don't believe it for 1 minute .Probably some plot from Camp  Matt Bomer to get us to stop fighting to get Ian in the role of Christian Grey . I won't ..

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