Emily Maynard Could Find THE ONE on ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ -- But Only if She’s Ready


patti strangerOh Mah Gah! It's a match made in heaven: Former Bachelorette Emily Maynard and Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger had a meeting of the minds recently. The two met for drinks with Kim Kardashian's buddy Jonathan Cheban (yeah, I have no idea). "Giving dating advice to my fav pals @jonathancheban @emilymaynard," Patti tweeted. "Great dinner at Beverly grill. Do you think they should come on mm?" Emily, say yes, say yes!

Who wouldn't want to see Em on Patti's fun high-stakes dating show? I can't believe it hasn't happened already. Patti is a blast (I'm such a fan), but beneath the Kewpie-doll eyelashes is a very savvy and wise matchmaker. She could really make it happen for Em. But is Emily really ready to find luuuuv?

I think before Patti gets started trying to find ideal matches for Ms. Maynard, she needs to ask her new potential client a few pointed questions. Is Emily in it to really and truly find someone to love? Or is she just in it for the attention and career boost? Because whether you're dating in the real world or on the tee vee, you have to be really clear about your intentions.

Patti's show probably doesn't need the extra publicity Emily Maynard would bring -- she seems to be doing just fine, thank you. But we all know Emily has been kind of, oh I don't know, a bit lost ever since she and Jef Holm split up. And I wonder if she's a little embarrassed that we all saw that split coming from 100 miles away.

As for Patti, I think the real test would be to set Em up with someone completely disconnected from the entertainment world. Men who could possibly also help Emily get ahead in her career are not allowed! Single focus here.

Think Emily has it in her? Is she really, truly interested in finding someone to share her life with? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Do you think Emily Maynard should go on Millionaire Matchmaker?


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nonmember avatar guest

Well,money is the only thing american women care about these days.

Tami Stanley Hilton

NO!!!! I do not! I love Patti and she doesn't need to waste her time with someone like Emily who is so fake you can see her coming a MILLION miles away! She is in it for the attention!!!

Roberta Howard

No I don't ... I watch the show once and awhile BUT definitely NOT if she is on it. She needs to grow up and be a mother... Emily is such a looser , I don't know why this show would waste its time on her.


Jenny Brit

Millionaire Matchmaker is just a TV show. You can meet millionaires online at meetmillionaire.com

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