'Walking Dead' Season 4 Spoilers: If Rick Dumps Daryl, We'll Never Watch the Show Again

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rick walking deadBest news of the month so far? Season 4 of the Walking Dead has finally started filming!! Oh, happy day. Granted, we have to wait until October for the season premiere, but at least now we can find some comfort in the promise of spoilers to come -- not to mention pics straight from the set. Case in point: This lovely-to-look at shot of Andrew Lincoln (Rick) back in action. Awww yeah, baby! Except ruh-roh ... turn around, Rick! There's a walker behind you with, um, a very unique style. Seriously, is that a dress over pants (never a good look) with a suit jacket on top? And what's with the hair? Silly walker, Jesus hair is for ... well, not zombies.

Anyway. About those spoilers -- we've got some!!

First up: Were you a fan of the time jump in between seasons 2 and 3? Like how at the end of season 2, Laurie was only mildly preggers, and then suddenly at the beginning of season 3, she had that great big basketball under her shirt and we were like, Aha! Looks like a few months have passed? If you thought that storytelling device was a pretty nifty trick, you'll be happy to hear that a similar "time jump" will occur between seasons 3 and 4. (Without a pregnant character, I can only assume the passage of months will be marked by Carl growing a beard.) If you didn't like the time jump ... yeah, sorry.

I'm cool with the time jump, but the NEXT spoiler is full-on freaking me out. Rumor has it one of the characters is going to "betray" Rick. Someone he trusts. Rumor ALSO has it that Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman) will become "Rick's right-hand man and co-leader of the group." Whoa, whoa, whoa. Does that mean Daryl (Norman Effing Reedus) will be the one to betray Rick?! And if he does, will Rick kick Daryl to the curb?!

Look, Rick (let's just pretend like Rick is a real person and can hear me, okay?), if you even think about messing with Daryl, you're gonna wish those walkers got ahold of you two seasons ago!!

Do you think Daryl will be the one to betray Rick?


Image via AMC

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Luci Seeger

I will stop watching right away if that happens!!

nonmember avatar A TWD Fan

No, will not betray Rick. Also, Rick's wife's name is spelled "Lori," not Laurie. The actress Laurie Holden played Andrea on the show.

nonmember avatar Yoga Girl

It would make sense that Daryl would do something "rash" if he felt pushed aside. Let's not forget that Daryl sort of mindlessly attaches himself in a puppy dog way to people he feels needed by. The show really plays into the character's abused child past and so Daryl looks for big brothers. If he were to feel that Rick has chosen a stranger over him (the whole gang has a big stranger danger isse), he could act out without thinking.

There was a quote from Reedus recently saying that episode one was huge.

Even if it's Daryl. I don't think it will be something that won't be rectified but it would be nice if Daryl took off from the prison and was showcased a bit.

But don't forget, Kirkman has said that the show was going to delve into developing characters this coming season. He cited Carol and Beth as examples. Who is doing the bulk of raising Judith? The betrayal could come from there too.

However, Daryl is a safer bet if Tyreese becomes the right hand man b/c in the comics, he and Carol were the ones who hooked up. That could push Daryl too if Tyreese steals not only his big brother figure buy his mama figure too (I don't buy Carol and Daryl romantically. Their relationship from the Daryl pov seems to maternal to me).

nonmember avatar Dia

It's probably Carl.

James Brooks

Betraying Rick would mean betraying the group, I don't believe this is something Daryl would do, so don't take what the producer/directors say to heart. They could be saying things to make you not realize that the hunter's could be the new problem instead of the Governor.

nonmember avatar nancy mitchell

I hope...big time...that it isn't Daryl who betrays Rick....first, Daryl has become a beloved character (I know no character's survival is safe or assured)...I do not agree with the analogy of Daryl/puppy dog...I believe he is an individual who simply does the right thing...is compassionate and yes, vulnerable. I will agree that if the producers have Daryl portrayed as a " betrayer" that may be enough to turn me from the show...of which I am such a devoted follower! I myself am rather overly sensitive with a tendency to invest too much of myself in the case of certain characters in many movies, TV shows...and because of that I have actually stopped watching certain shows when a plot line really upsets me... foolish perhaps, but that's me...so for my sake I guess I sure hope the producers don't mess with Daryl's character. Even the changes in Carl have "upset" me bit I understand how that lot element is almost a no brainer in the show... but again, sentimental me hopes that storyline enables Rick to turn his son from the dark side he is slipping into....

nonmember avatar tyler

Ummmmm, thats Michonne in the background NOT a walker.

nonmember avatar Mike Stanley

You Honestly Think That's Michone Behind Rick? Last I Knew michone Was A Black WomAn. That ZOMBIE Behind Rick Definitely Is Not Michone......Sorry Your Nuts!!!

walki... walkingdeadfan

Carl is who I think because he just offed that kid like he was nothing he is turning in the governor because the governor is the way he is because he lost loved ones and carl lost his mother and blames his dad plus he thinks he should be the leader anyway because he believes he can make the hard chose. Daryl has been nothing bu loyal to the group he was going to walk out on his own brother for them so no way would he turn his back on rick but his son has already.

nonmember avatar cassie

i think it will be tyreese that betrays him. call me crazy all you want but in the trailer daryl and tyreese get in a fight. so does rick and tyreese get in one. im leaning more towards Tyreese.

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