'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Buys a Pregnancy Test After Sex Tape Because -- UH OH!

farrah abrahamTeen Mom/Farrah Superstar: Back Door With a Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is pregnant. Or, wait, she might be. Or she might not be! She's not sure. But she wants you to know that there's a chance -- which is why she got all gussied up; sauntered into her nearest drugstore; waited until her photograph was being taken, and purchased an e.p.t. You know, the usual way of checking to see if you're pregnant.

According to a "friend" of the Teen Mom, Farrah recently missed her period and is nervous that James Deen got her pregnant with a baby porn star while they were filming together sans condom. But here's the thing I'm wondering: Does Farrah really think she's going to become Kim Kardashian like this? Clearly, this is what she's after. And clearly, that's not going to happen. 

Look, we report a lot about what Abraham is up to on this site -- so this is a little "pot calling the kettle black" here, I realize that -- but Farrah is just so ridiculous and delusional if she really thinks that she's going to become a huge star a la Kim Kardashian. I don't think Kim is an upstanding member of society here, but sweet Jesus, at least the woman was/is a little discreet.

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Kim made it seem like her sex tape was a legitimate accident. Do we buy that? No! But she didn't do it with a porn star, for god's sake. And she's still yet to be caught stocking up on pregnancy tests. Farrah needs to be a teeny bit more discreet and nuanced if she hopes to become an actual celebrity. Yes, Kim is still the punchline of many jokes, but Farrah's mapped out a path for herself that's on a whole other level. Kim at least gets invited to big-name events like the Met Gala. That will never be the case for Farrah Abraham. She has no idea what she's doing right now, and she looks insane.

It's sad that Farrah thought the only way she could continue to make money after being on a reality show for getting pregnant as a teenager was to get into porn. And it's even sadder that she did! But rest assured, although she may be basking in the weird/gross limelight right now, in a few months, all of this will blow over.

What do you think of Farrah Abraham?


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LostS... LostSoul88

I think ia m over hearing about her. Who the fuck cares if she's pregnant. A lot of porn stars are parents. Why are we so focused on this girl? 

nonmember avatar Natalie

The only conclusion I can ever come up with regarding this whole scam is that she is doing everything she can to either 1. Get her own show or 2. Get on one of those "rehab" shows. The whole scheme is so beyond ridiculous at this point. But, I believe I read somewhere that she is represented by the same team as Octomom and we know how THAT turned out! Hahaha.

It seems like she has been trying everything to get attention. Well, she succeeded, but I don't think even she had any idea how bad this would turn out.

She should be glad no one has tried to take that precious little girl away from her.. poor baby girl. If she continues with these delusional/crazy schemes she may get a call from CPS...

Shandi80 Shandi80

Wow. No shame whatsoever. I really, really hope this is just an orchestrated stunt for publicity.

4Grrlz 4Grrlz

Sad commentary on the psyches of our children today.  Famous for literally ANYTHING, is preferred to actual accomplishment.  Sad and disgusting.  Oh, and the fact that she thinks that anyone, anywhere is buying this whole charade and thinks that she is anything other than some fame-whoring, daddy-issue-having disaster is a testament to her (lack of) intelligence.

Dana Gibson

I was actually thinking the other day it would be funny if she got prego from doing that movie WITHOUT PROTECTION.....UMMM DUH THAT'S HOW BABIES ARE MADE! 

Tammy Short

Natalie,I heard that she gave custody of her little gibrain freeze)rl (I can't think of her name duh to her mom and moved back down to Florida to persue her schooling ( just thought it was a different kind of scholing than sex ed ! )

Joyce Browning

she has more issues then the rest of the teen moms goodlord she needs to keep her legs closed!

momof... momof35219

This girl def has issues. And who's to say its even the porn guys baby? She is no saint by far and who knows who's gonna be her next baby daddy. We will probably see her on Maury trying to find out who her baby daddy is.

Melissa McMahon

No offense here but the show about pregnant teens is just ridiculous. There should be a show about woman who have to struggle for their kids. Notice I said WOMAN not teens. If you make a show about kids getting knocked up what do you expect is made of them. To be honest looking at it that show is just condoning teens to go out and have sex to become stars and make money. So if your going to write about this show how the girls act now but its the writers fault for promoting a show that shows girls its ok to be pregnant.

Montana Emery

I highly doubt she is stupid enough to make a porn without protection and with no birth control. Shes been schooled by Dr. Drew millions of times on this subject and we all know she wouldnt be able to handle another child right now as things started off so rough with Sophia. Besides, shes too hung up on herself to share the spotlight with anyone other than her kid. Lame publicity stunt that Im sure was planned all along. Get a grip, girl! What are you doing?!!

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