Sean Lowe & Catherine Guidici Take Their Romance to a Surprising New Level

Sean Lowe Catherine GuidiciAwww, you guys. Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici are really, really cute. I think I'm finally starting to believe they might actually make it as a couple.

Now that Sean's been kicked off Dancing With the Stars, he's been able to spend more "quality time" with his fiance -- and what quality time it is! He's been pulling out all the stops for his lady lately.

Just this weekend, the engaged couple took a romantic stroll on the beach -- with their dogs! So cute, right? I feel like I'm watching The Bachelor all over again. Today I took Catherine to the beach to get to know her better and I really liked how well she got along with my dogs. It shows that she has a playful side and clearly is ready to fall in love. I mean, all that's missing is a helicopter and a bottle of champagne, right?

It's clear that Sean is still truly in love with Catherine -- which is rare at this stage of the game. And if he wasn't, he wouldn't be taking the time to make her feel special like this. Usually on those dating shows, the romance instantly stops once the cameras stop rolling. So the fact that these two are keeping the spark alive is a very good sign.

These two really seem better than ever -- and Sean recently admitted that he couldn't be happier. And if he keeps up the romance like he's been doing, it seems like he'll have a good shot at a happy future. So who knows? Sean & Cath might actually break The Bachelor curse and get married one of these days.

Do you think Sean & Catherine are the real deal?

Image via clmguidici/Twitter

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Gail D Schmidt

yes I think they will make it. They said a few wekks ago on DWTS that the wedding is going to be in August.

nonmember avatar Jag

Really?. He is looking to get to know her better & then goes on to say he feels she is ready to fall in love. I thought all this happened before a proposal & an engagement. My personal feeling is that he is still enjoying the limelight. I will believe the wedding when I see it. I do agree though that they should be totally sure before signing the dotted line. I don't think he is.

Jacquline Kott

I hope they are happy and can ignore all the negative comments.
I also hope they get married, I do believe they are in it for the
long haul!

nonmember avatar Guest

Jag, that particular quote of Sean getting to know her better is the writer's reincarnation of a typical bachelor moment. It has nothing to do with where Sean is with Catherine NOW. It is refreshing to eventually read something positive about these two love birds here. They are in it for the long haul. Wishing them all the love in the universe. They surely deserve it!!

nonmember avatar Begonia

I just can't believe how vulnerable people are who read and make negative comments about Sean and Catherine. You will believe everything you read, hear and see. Why don't you learn the truth first before you believe the media.

nonmember avatar Victorya

Did he really say " Today I took Catherine to the beach to get to know her better ..... " If so.. when and where can you proof it.

nonmember avatar Tisha

What does he mean by saying that playing with his dogs clearly shows that she's ready to fall in love? He has given us the impression that she already IS in love.

Sally Lastrilla Isleta

absolutely they are!!!! no doubt about it from the beggining....

Patty Mitchell

He thinks she is READY to fall in live?!?! Ahhhhh....that Mae's ZERO SENSE.....they are engaged right?! I don't get him?

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