Chris Brown's Creepy Graffiti Is Scaring Neighbors but He Thinks They Need to 'Get a Life' (PHOTO)

chris brown house

Chris Brown is scaring his neighbors. The singer graffitied goofy, toothy monsters on the outside wall of his home and according to a neighborhood representative, the art is frightening the children. Brown's been charged $376 for the illegal paintings -- it's against city ordinances to paint a mural on your house. But, as we all know, Chris Brown isn't going down without a fight.

He and his lawyer have some harsh words for those neighbors who do not like colorful, googly-eyed monsters with spiky teeth assaulting their senses.

In response to the allegation that his art is scaring babies and children, Chris took to Twitter and said:

His lawyer said that he's actually afraid of the "busybody" neighbors, whose determination to take away Chris' first amendment right is what's really frightening.

Chris does have a point -- there are much scarier creatures in Harry Potter -- but thing is, no one has painted them on the outside of their house. Neighbors aren't unwillingly subjected to Voldemort's steely gaze while walking their kids in a stroller.

Chris has 30 days to paint over the graffiti, but everyone knows he's not going down that easily. Even though his art is against neighborhood covenants, Chris clearly thinks he's above reproach. He's already stated on Twitter that he's going to paint until his "hands fall off."

Hmm. Wouldn't that be something. A hand-less, fist-less Chris might be worth a few graffiti goblins. Maybe the neighbors should reconsider their stance. Paint on, Chris!

Do you side with Chris or the neighbors?


Photo via Splash News



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.LoVe... .LoVeMyBuG.

Id be pissed if someone trashed up my neighborhood too. Keep your art in the backyard where your neighbors don't have to see it and have there property values go down because of your "art". 

zombi... zombiemommy916

His overblown sense of entitlement never ceases to amaze...what a d%&$...maybe he shouldn't live in a neighborhood if he's so against conformity...but he's obviously not that bright, so we honestly shouldn't be surprised by his reaction...and I also feel that people throw the word "art" around much too freely...

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

The point is that the 'graffiti' is against the law... I'd be complaining on the grounds that it looks horrible and is NOT something I'd want to look at every day. Not because they are scary. He can paint HIS side of the fence and look at them as much as he wants- no need to subject the rest of the neighborhood.

nonmember avatar kaerae

It's not the kids who are scared, it's the parents who are scared of their property values going down. That being said, I think he did it for the sole purpose of getting a rise out of his neighbors. He's got a third grader mentality and zero social and he's acting out like a bratty child.

nonmember avatar Larry Linn

The fine is from the City of Los Angeles, not a home owners association. I have not seen the covenants, conditions, and restrictions on the title. However, there is an attorney that had an office a couple of floors above mine, and he made a good living shooting holes in the CC&R’s. As for the art, you may want to go over to the Eli Broad Family Collection at LACMA. Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Har¬ing were street artists before their work became established in the contemporary art world of their time. The metal sculpture on the retaining wall is from the same genre as Jeff Koons. Koons was a successful stockbroker before he became an established artist. Perhaps the neighbors would be more comfortable in a cultural wasteland like Simi Valley.

Marquita Mcneill


tuffy... tuffymama

I'm sure those people pay good money to live in an area where they never expected to be subjected to this stupidity. Art is subjective and the majority have spoken. His attempt at art is ugly.

tuffy... tuffymama

Marquita likes it rough, apparently. Rough and stupid.

Water... Water_geM

its an eye sore..he needs to take it down..



"it's against city ordinances to paint a mural on your house"

Period.  It's AGAINST the ordinances.  If you don't like it, Chris Brown, then MOVE AWAY.  Yet another p*$%k who thinks he doesn't need to follow the rules that everyone else does.  Grow up, little boy.

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