Lindsay Lohan Threatening to Leave Rehab Because She Doesn't Want to Gain Weight

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Lindsay Lohan is reportedly threatening to quit the rehab center she's only been in for about five seconds because the institution wants to take away her Adderall. Lindsay claims she has ADHD and that the Adderall helps calm her, but apparently the rehab peeps think she's just abusing the drug and using it to stay slim.

A source told RadarOnline:

Lindsay has been able to eat whatever she has wanted and not gain weight for years and she attributes this to Adderall. Everyone knows that the controversial drug ramps up your metabolism, and can suppress the appetite. Lindsay has been talking to patients at Betty Ford and she is mortified when others reveal they have experienced a huge weight gain while in treatment.

Lilo, however, told Piers Morgan that the drug is strictly to keep her calm. (She's calm???!!) She said:

I have severe ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). I can’t stand still. So I take Adderall for that, it calms me. I know people who take it to stay up, or girls who take it to supposedly stay slim because it kills your appetite. But I eat all the time. I just take it to stay calm. It works well for me.

Either way, here's my question: Who the hell is spilling all of this intensely personal information to the tabs? If it's someone who works at Betty Ford, that person needs to be fired. If it's one of Lindsay's friends, no wonder the girl is so messed up if she can't even trust her friends or family not to blab everything, even her rehab, to the tabs.

Or are people just making all of this stuff up? Is Lindsay herself reporting to the tabs? I'm actually hoping for the last, because even Lindsay Lohan deserves to have her private business inside a rehab clinic kept private.

Anyway, if this is Calm Lindsay on Adderall, I'd hate to see her off of it. Tread carefully, Betty Ford!

Do you know anyone who uses Adderall for weight loss?


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nonmember avatar Cass

Or someone with zero connection to Lindsay made up the rumor.

Venae Venae

If this stuff ramps up metabolism, why aren't more people on it for weight loss?  Sign me up!!

Coles... Coles_mom

I was thinking the same thing venae! I've known a few people who were on it- they all claimed medical, but everyone knew it was recreational. They were all beautiful and thin, so I guess this could be true. I thought my (they were coworkers) friends took it to feel ramped up. I don't ever consider weight loss.

nonmember avatar Jess

Adderall isn't widely given anymore cause it's SPEED IN A PILL!! Look it up, it's 'mixed amphetamine salts'! There are other, non-stimulant drugs out there that work just as well for ADHD/ADD than adderall does. When one truly has ADHD/ADD, the drug works with the chemical imbalance in the brain and DOES calm you down and make you more attentive. If it makes you hyper, speedy, not hungry, etc. You do NOT have ADHD and are just conning your doctor into giving you a script, and you're abusing it. And when you DO quit taking it, you'll gain a ton of weight. Kind of like when you quit cocaine, you'll gain weight.

Jenn Jabber Hughes

I have known people who were on that medication and in my crazier days have taken it for energy.. But I have really only heard of two reasons that it is actually prescribed.. One. for people with ADHD to calm down.. and Two.. for someone who doesn't have ADHD but pretty much the opposite, probs with falling asleep all thru the day and even while standing, an old friend of mine was having the issues with falling asleep all the time and her dr gave those for her to try.. they worked but for some reason she was still taken off of them after a couple  months.. probably for how addictive they are. I for one think that Lindsey is just scared to death of that withdraw feeling. And it does suck and it is scary but that is the whole reason for the clinic and staying around doctors. They can help with those awful feelings with other meds that can not be used to get high.

Chewbacka Grizelda

Dear Lindsey,

You don't need drugs to change who you are or how you behave -- you need a different career that matches your abilities and talents. You can't stand still? GOOD! Go dancing, ride a bike, go into some other career where you can MOVE all you want! Stop popping pills to make -other people- happy and start really living, ok? You don't need to pose for a camera to have money or be happy, and you DON'T need some ass-hat standing behind the camera telling you what to do with your own body.

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