'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Is Already Thinking About Her Next Naked Role

teen mom farrah abrahamIs porn the new gateway drug? Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's adult film Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom has garnered the young "entrepreneur" a lot of press, and it would seem that Farrah's hungry for more. She told Hollywood Life that she'd love to pose for Playboy, but that she'd have to make sure the shoot was "classic" and "feminine."

Because, yes, when we think of the backdoor Teen Mom, classic and feminine are the first things that come to mind.

I'm just wondering if she'll actually do Playboy on purpose, or if she'll do the professionally shot naked spread for "personal use", then insist Hugh Hefner released the photos against her will.

Anyway, Farrah alleges that making time to do Playboy might be difficult, seeing as she's busy opening her restaurants, writing a book, and, DEAR GOD, writing more "music", as well.

She says:

I probably would do Playboy ... I am focusing on my restaurant endeavors and modeling and the same things I’ve always done. Maybe doing more books, and maybe a fitness video and those things I’m working on. I’m just being me. I am thinking about writing more music ...

Hear that, guys? Not only do we get to see more of Farrah's naked body, but we're going to be treated to more of Farrah's "creative" talents, too.

I'd sooner sew my eyelids to my forehead and force myself to watch Farrah's porn on repeat for days on end before I'd subject myself to her mind-erasing music again. I listened to Farrah's song "On My Own" once, and I don't think I've fully recovered.

Here's hoping Farrah lands the Playboy gig just so her book and song are put on hold. We can only handle so much.

Do you think Farrah should do Playboy?


Photo via F1Abraham/Twitter

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Anna Schroeder

She's had a sh*t ton of plastic surgery just to look how she does and she's still not classically beautiful for Playboy. The only reason she's get that gig is from all the hype.


nonmember avatar Sara

And what about her daughter, I mean she got all these plans of what she wants to do but I don't hear anything about the little girl

Jennifer Row McCaughey

Stupid doesn't even begin to cover it.  I never seen anyone so proud to be so dumb.  The things she says are truly, truly idiotic.  Her poor, poor baby.  I never thought she was a very good mother anyway, she's way too narcissistic.

nonmember avatar nobi206

I think Farrah at this point is just trying to make a desperate attempt at more fame and fortune. I also think that her upbringing did not help in her decision making. It's awfully sad because she will never reach the same level of fame as Kim K with her tape. I really don't think this will have much effect on her daughter due to the society will live in (it's really only getting worse) were sex and obscene behavior is celebrated and not looked down upon. Also I hate talking about kids but her daughter is not a beautiful little girls. I'm sorry I'm so sorry

danit... danithegreat

I don't think Playboy would consider her. They may do naked pictures of women but they do have standers. Now I'm guessing Hustler or someone might pick up on her "naked pics"

nonmember avatar Stephanie.r.e

Nobi, I will be next to you in hell because my first thought seeing that photo was that her daughter looks like a caveman baby. Farrah's ugly inside and out.

Andrea Wescott

Why woudl Playboy want her now? She allready showed everything in her "movie". Shoudl of tried for that first then the "movie"

momav... momavanessa

She is such a fame whore! Worry about your daughter and not how you can stay in the spot light!!

Venae Venae

As someone commented on Chelsea the other night, if she had used the back door, she wouldn't be a teen mom!  The problem w/these girls is that people watch their shows - stop, people - then they will go away!

aunti... auntieb73

@ Venae: omg!!! You are too funny! Back door....haha.....

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