David Bowie's Controversial 'The Next Day' Clip Was Too Extreme for YouTube (VIDEO)

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David Bowie So David Bowie has this new video, and -- what's that? Yes, I said David Bowie. Yeah, I'm a little surprised to hear he's still making music videos too, but wow, his voice has held up wonderfully over the years. Whatever throat-coating tea he's drinking, he needs to share some with Bob Dylan. Anyway, so Bowie has this new video for his song "The Next Day," and while you'd think his days of shocking the public would have peaked during his Ziggy Stardust days, it turns out the singer's still got some impressive tricks up his sleeve.

Not only is the clip so controversial it was yanked from YouTube, The Catholic League has referred to it as -- I swear I am not making this up -- the work of a "switch-hitting, bisexual senior citizen from London" that "is strewn with characteristic excess." Plus, a prominent Christian evangelist from Harvest Ministries called it "offensive and distasteful."

Oh, you KNOW you want to see it now, right?

The video stars stars Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard and Oscar-nominated actor Gary Oldman, and it's chock-full of all sorts of eyebrow-raising religious imagery. Oldman is in fine predatory form as a corrupt priest, Bowie sings onstage as a sort of Christlike figure in a monk's robe, Cotillard dances provocatively before blood gushes from her stigmata wounds. It's all very … well, here, take a look:

It's all very familiar, actually. I mean, this is a little more extreme than, say, Madonna's "Like a Prayer," but artists using religious iconography to stir up controversy is nothing new. Being condemned by spiritual leaders is one of the surest methods of drumming up free publicity, and let's be honest, David Bowie probably needed to push the envelope a bit to encourage album sales.
I'm not offended by anything in that video, but unsurprisingly, there are plenty of people who are. YouTube took the clip down within a few hours, saying it "violated its terms of service," before reinstating it with an adults-only rating. The Catholic League released a statement blasting the singer for his "mess" of a video, before expressing hope that he'll see the light:

… it’s a sure bet he can’t stop thinking about the Cadillac of all religions, namely Roman Catholicism. There is hope for him yet.

(The ... Cadillac of all religious? What does that even -- oh, never mind.)

Well, props to David Bowie for being 66 years old and still capable of getting some folks' panties in a wad. I doubt his comeback album would be making headlines without this video, so I'm thinking he achieved exactly what he set out to do.

What do you think about this David Bowie video? Do you find it offensive?

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lasombrs lasombrs

I have always liked David Bowie. I am impressed he was able to keep his come back such a secret. I also do not find it offensive but not much does bother me. He even calls himself a heathen in the video and has the crowd attack him for it. So I am sure he is not surprised by the press the song is getting. While the song itself is definetly not one of my favorites from him I look forward to hearing more and think his voice has held up amazingly over the years.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

"his voice has held up wonderfully over the years. Whatever throat-coating tea he's drinking, he needs to share some with Bob Dylan." Um Bob Dylan never had a great voice, listen to his early recordings, not that, that matters he was an artist he could write wonderful lyrics and play beautifully more power to him for displaying his art himself.

1Step 1Step

The author of this article does not seem to know much about the music scene...  Bob Dylan's voice while not as smooth and auto tuned as the author may be used to, is iconic.  It's because his voice is the way it is (and not some overproduced pop "star" crap) that he was such a powerful musician.  And his amazing song writing abilities and social voice didn't hurt.  David Bowie, also, has no need to generate any controversy.  This album is top of the charts - and was before this video even aired.  The author needs to grow up and do some research. Sounds like a teeny bopper complaining about her parents music while blaring Justin Bieber....

Megan Johnson

I'm pleasantly surprised to see David Bowie making a comeback. <3   And the video was phenomenal. It'll bve amusing to see how many people get their panties in a wad over it.

nonmember avatar Donna

I agree with 1Step. Do your research Linda Sharps.

lucky... luckymomma08

mmmmmmm david bowie ;) lol

Amanda Marie Mahrling

The only disturbing part for me is that Gary Oldman has never won an Oscar.

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