'Real Housewives of New York' May Be Cancelled!

RHONYIn some of the most disturbing news as of late -- of the reality TV variety anyway -- sources say The Real Housewives of New York City could be cancelled. Can you imagine?!

Apparently, there are some pretty big disagreements about how  much the ladies will be making, and they and Bravo are having a big old standoff. According to The Hollywood Reporter, filming was supposed to have started Wednesday, but none of the ladies -- LuAnn de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer, Aviva Drescher, Carole Radziwill and Heather Thomson -- showed up, and they've all refused to sign contracts.

A source told the site, it's all about money. "What's currently on the table is unacceptable."

While they all get paid different amounts, apparently no one is happy with their amount. Sources told TMZ that Bravo is furious, and has threatened to fire them all if they don't sign their contracts by Friday.

Wonder if reports of how much NeNe Leakes makes had anything to do with this whole squabble? Whatever the reason, someone needs to fix it ASAP.

RHONY is the second oldest franchise, and we love the Big Apple setting. We've been through so much with them in their five seasons, and to see it all end would be heartbreaking. Sure, last season wasn't the best, but it had its moments. And it was only going to get better, I'm sure.

Besides Carole and Ramona (just because I am), I'm not all that attached to any of the other women, so a mostly new cast wouldn't be such a bad idea I suppose. But starting over completely from scratch would just be sad, and it would certainly delay things, which would be highly annoying. I think this cast deserves one more shot, and if they don't step things up then maybe we can talk a new cast next season.

As for now, I'm legitimately nervous about what may happen. Surely, they'll find a way to work things out ... won't they?

Would you be upset if The Real Housewives of New York was cancelled?


Image via Bravo

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linzemae linzemae

i havent watched since they got rid of the originals. boring. 

youth... youthfulsoul

They could use a fresh start and a fresh cast. I mean really, are ANY of them actually even housewives? Half are single, some don't even have kids. How about some actual NYC housewives.

Serab... Serabelle

This show is pretty annoying. I only liked Heather and Carol this last season, and Carol isn't even a housewife! I think a whole new crop of people would be best. Women who have careers and families... Maybe not all 50 year olds, some new younger blood... New York is such an amazing city with such diversity I would like to see a cast that reflects that.

nonmember avatar Jen

No loss. Each of these women are very wealthy. They can afford to pay for their own hair, makeup, etc. Frankly, it's time for the show to end. It's run its course. One can stand 'itches for so long.

JennP... JennPearce

It got lame when Bethenny left.

nonmember avatar Patricia Butler

It stopped being fun when Bethenny left. I like Carole, but, still, I wouldn't mind a clean sweep.

nonmember avatar Patricia2000

I am ready for a new cast, I like ramona sinja and luann but the other 3 can take a hike

nonmember avatar Suyi

Get rid of aviva and carol 2 faces

Elizabeth Roth

i would hate to see this cancelled but if it happens i would love to see a reality show about grandparents with grandchildren. it would be such a fun show. i have twelve and sometimes its like a circus..lol just an idea... would miss the show though.

sonig... sonigirl67

I can see where they wouldnt make it! LuAnn is the only one that I like anyway... Get new housewives and keep LuAnn... She should make more than the rest... Nene leaks is just ick... rude ande mean if you pay her that much you can pay the others in the same manner


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