5 Reasons Why Katy Perry Is the Perfect Rebound Girlfriend for Robert Pattinson

robert pattinson
Sexting with Katy Perry, obviously
Man, the rumors about Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry dating each other won't let up! It's like the universe is telling these two to hook up -- even though Rob and Kristen Stewart haven't officially (i.e. via publicist statement) broken up. Why is that? It doesn't even make sense -- Katy is a friend to both Rob and Kristen. The three of them have been seen all together several times. And Katy's people say the rumor that she and Rob are hooking up is "pathetic."

(Wait, pathetic as in we would pity one of them if it happened? Or do they mean Katy would date Rob only out of pity? Or -- oh never mind.)

So FINE, we got the memo. Katy and Rob are not an item. But maybe they should be? I mean, in the TOTALLY UNLIKELY (wink) event that Rob and Kristen break up, Katy would make the perfect rebound girlfriend.

1. She's a lot of fun. I'm actually just extrapolating this from her music. I have no first-hand knowledge of her fun-ness.

2. She and Rob are already friends. So clearly the natural progression of that is friends with benefits, especially since they're both what the kids these days call "hawt."

3. This would be a great way to get a little jab at Kristen -- stealing her friend! Not that Rob is the spiteful type. Of course not.

4. Katy would not write a song about her fling with Rob. Why? Because she's not Taylor Swift.

5. It would be a fling and nothing more. Rob's all deep and serious and private, or something, while Katy is all glitz and glam. That's probably not a great combo long-term. But it's the perfect contrast for short romance.

Not that Robert and Kristen are ever breaking up -- TwilightBellaandEdwardForeverandEver how dare I even entertain the notion! I'm just helping them make a contingency plan here.

Do you think Katy would make a good rebound girlfriend for Rob?


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Eva Richterová

I think Robert knows who is perfect for him.Therefore he is with Kristen.

Gloria Hovis

I agree with you Eva Robert does know who is perfect for him and yes that is Kristen and he is with her and always will be Robert is in love with Kristen so people need to get over it that is who he chosen so, I said my peace about it and if no one doesn't like it well thats to bad I don't really care. I and I mean I am Kristen Stewart Fan and always will and will support her and I am Robert Pattinson's Fan to as well and always will and will support him as well. So in closing wishing them both the best of luck and happiness, peace and love be happy together so good luck to both.

nonmember avatar Windswept Girl

Please. Stop already. Leave this couple alone. Rob and Kristen are together and happy. Stop trying to be like a high school bully with your gossip and lies.

Shirley Sorrow

Not worth commenting on. 


Julie Hague

no i dont agree that katy perry would be a good rebound gf no matter what u dont date your friends friend thats just being spiteful especially if its an ex gf or bf not the done thing sorry leave r-patz and k-stew alone.


Mari Tan

Katy Perry is not the kind Robert want to have as a partner,  They don't match.  If Katy reading all this BS write up, she should stop chasing Rob.  As for Kristen, grow up woman, learn to be more mature, you are no longer a teenager.  You'll not going to find another Rob.

Jenny del Carmen

disculpeme, pero Robert esta en todo su derecho de volver a enamorarse, a el lo engañaron, le fueron infiel, todos los que digan que Kristen es la indicada están en un error, el no se merece una persona que lo lastimo y no le importo sus sentimientos o ustedes perdonarían un engaño de su pareja, la infidelidad no es madurar ni crecer como persona, es mas bien denigrarse, no amigos, se ve que ustedes opinan porque no han pasado por lo mismo, y si es así es mejor quedarse callado y no opinar nada.

Jenny del Carmen

excuse me, but Robert is within their rights to fall back to the so deceived, you were unfaithful, all those who say that Kristen is indicated are in error, the person does not deserve it hurt and does not care your feelings or you forgive your partner's deception, infidelity is not mature and grow as a person, is rather denigrated, not friends, you see that you think they have not been there, and if so it is better to remain silent and do not say anything.

Cristina Kozain

I believe in the friendship of Katy with the couple  Robert and Kristen, they are all friends, Robert has already come out with Katy and friends since when she was dating Russel B. Do not know what's going on , I believe that Robert and Kristen are fine!

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