‘RHOBH’ May Fire Kim Richards, Which Would Be Awesome

kim richardsIf you're a fan of Kim "Boom Boom Shabang Bang" Richards, there's bad news. The child actress turned reality star may not be invited back to star on season four of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. According to a source, Kim Richards might get demoted, like Camille Grammer did, or straight up fired from the show.

She didn't attend a Bravo advertising event along with the rest of the cast earlier this month, further fueling the rumors that she's getting a pink slip from Andy Cohen.

As much as I support Kim's love of turtles and her "quirky" behavior, I do think it's a good call if she's demoted or fired.

For the record, I believe a demotion is when a cast member is asked to become a friend of the cast, and still show up to group parties, but they won't have their own story-lines and won't film by themselves.

Anyway, Kim's sobriety has been a running issue on the show and even though she insists she's clean, it's hard to really believe her. That whole Paris incident, with the taking of the wrong pills, and the sleep deprivation and the yada yada yada ... it just doesn't seem to add up. Then when Brandi Glanville alleged during the reunion that Kim was walking the airport carrying some sort of poop-stained pillow ... uncomfortable. I wan't to believe she's sober, but she makes it very difficult.

Which, in turn, makes her hard to watch. So! If Kim Richards isn't invited back, I think that's for the best. Bravo must know that her story-line isn't really that exciting, if not totally depressing, and I'm sure they're looking for her replacement, as well as Adrienne Maloof's.

Maybe we could replace one Richards sister with another ... is Kathy Hilton available?

Would you be sad to see Kim go?


Photo via bravotv.com

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nonmember avatar Well...

It would be even MORE awesome if The Stir fired Kate Gosselin.

youth... youthfulsoul

Nope wouldn't miss her at all.

nonmember avatar EM

You are cra cra. Kim is why I watch RHOBH. Long live Kim Richards! My fav!

Susan Ramsay Balistreri

Shes a trainwreck. All the slurring and fake laughing is old!! And she's not a "housewife"..... she's never even mentioned a "husband". GOODBYE!!!!

white... whiteragland

Kim need some help.. she has a lot effect on ppls with her drinking, pills poppers and whinny a lot.. kim need move on and unappoeriate be on RHOBH... even thou Taylor need to go tooo... couldn't stand Kim & Taylor Karma Drama...

Jenny Hernandez

Shes too fragile to compete with all the other attention hoars, besides shes a flake.  I won't miss her.

Janet Ramirez Korsak

I don't think the show helps Kim and her addictions. She needs to concentrate on staying sober.

Joyce H Reiss

I agree that she should go.  Even if she's sober she's become extremely boring.  But  most of all I wish they would get rid of Taylor.  She is very stupid and insipid.

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