Farrah Abraham’s Adult Film: This Is Why We're Criticizing Her

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Farrah AbrahamI'm sick of hearing about Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's sex tape. You're sick of hearing about Farrah Abraham's sex tape. We're all sick of hearing about Farrah Abraham's sex tape and we can't escape Farrah Abraham's sex tape because everywhere you go on the Internet, there it is, all pressed up against your FACE: Farrah Abraham's goddamned sex tape.

There's an exceedingly short path between overexposure and irritation, and I suspect that's one of the reasons many of us hope that Farrah Abraham follows her adult video launch by a literal launch of some kind, ideally to outer space where we can't hear her dying horse screams. Her porn partner James Deen, however, has stepped up to defend Abraham's choice to make the tape -- and I have to say, he sounds pretty reasonable.

Honestly, I'm a little surprised that Deen is saying anything nice about Abraham, considering she hasn't exactly treated him with the utmost respect since he, uh, "co-starred in her film." (This is me making exaggerated air quotes before switching to a lewd-finger-thrusting-into-a-closed-fist-gesture.) In fact, she's publicly ridiculed his penis size, called him a "prop in the background," and ripped him for being "unprofessional."

Still, he recently spoke out on Abraham's behalf, and here's what he had to say:

I get kind of bummed about society and the fact that just because a chick decides she wants to do a porno, that she needs to be called mean names and stuff and I kind of feel like people should be nicer to her. If she wants to express her sexuality, whatever her motivations for making the adult film may be, I kind of feel like she shouldn’t be ostracized for such decisions.

Check out the video clip:

Wetpaint - James Deen Defends Farrah Abraham's Porn: Stop Calling Her Mean Names


You know, I hear what he's saying. It's not like James Deen is getting a bunch of flak for doing this video, right? We're all focused on Abraham and what in the HELL she was thinking.

But, see, I think that's exactly why she's receiving so much criticism: she's not being on honest about her motivations. I swear if she came right out and was like, "Yeah, I totally made a porno and I sold it for a ton of money, so what?" we'd be like, whoah that's kind of extreme but hey best of luck in your new career. Instead, she keeps spouting all this total gibberish about why she made the tape and who the intended audience was.

First she said in a message to her fans,

You have just realized you are an awesome person and you deserve someone. Now that you’re 21, you’ve pretty much been crying every night because you are single and you’re alone. So, you make your own video, celebrate your awesome body (and) get your own sexy shots.

Then she told Dr. Phil,

I’m celebrating my body and I’m showing my feminine side. This is something that never should have been talked about publicly, because it was something that I personally wanted when I’m older because I want those sexy photos of me on my best year. This is my year to celebrate that to me. This was for me and just like how I represent things for myself. (…) I am not shopping the tape. If I’m going to release something because somebody’s already seen it, I really need to take into consideration my future, and yes, there is a money amount to that.

And now she's telling Entertainment Tonight,

A lot of my girlfriends who are back home … have done personal sexy shots, sexual videos … feminine things showing their sexuality and being happy for themselves. Here I am the same age or younger as most of my friends, and I’m like ‘why am I not [as] happy with myself as they are? Why am I not doing this for me? (…) What ended up happening was James Deen, who is in my video…thought it was ok …[to say to] the public ‘I did something with Farrah’ but he did it in his own way of saying ‘I made a porn with her’ … [and] made it his own thing and that’s why I was like, ‘Let me be one step ahead and let me gain control of my own video again.'

Dude. Come on. Is there anyone who actually buys the idea that she made a full-length professionally-shot porn film with a porn star -- one that features anal sex and, ahem, squirting -- which was all for her own private enjoyment, and that the only reason she sold it to Vivid is because that jerk James Deen leaked it to the press?

This is why everyone thinks she's a freakshow and the media isn't being "nicer to her." Not because she made an adult movie -- but because she's either delusional, a complete fool, or both.

What do you think about this whole Farrah Abraham sex tape craziness? Do you believe for a second that it's actually a leaked personal video?

Image via Vivid

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LostS... LostSoul88

I think the writers of the stir is a little to crazy over this persona dn her sex tape. I would ahve never known about it if it wasn't for this site. It's the only site I hear about it. 

nonmember avatar Rory Gilmore

Linda! Not you, too! Seriously, you're the only sane write left, and you're crapping on this girl, too? Here's my take on the video: It's legal. It's OK. Many people watch porn. Personally, I don't, but that doesn't mean that it's wrong. It doesn't make her a bad mother. We all make decisions when we are young that we wouldn't necessarily make when we are older. That doesn't mean she's going to be haunted in her older years. It doesn't mean her child is scarred for life (as I've read numerous times on this site's comments page). If you don't like her, don't watch. Don't read about her, and for the love of all that is holy, don't write about her. But don't condemn her either. She's not taking the path I would have chosen, but that's no reason for the daily barrage of articles that judge her, either.

alway... alwayscurious

Sad that this girl thinks that being proud of and "celebrating" your body means having sex with a stranger and filming it.

nonmember avatar damien

Stir being full of it again..she lied..oh my god but this is same website that praised the Bachelorette and the choice of taking three guys up to her "fantasy suite" and told people to get over it..you really think she is going on the show to find love and not to get famous?..JUST LIKE FARRAH!!..so Farrah lies and its omg..Bachelorette lies and its oh well..I detest Farrah but not jumping on her then turning around and praising people i like when they are guilty of same thing..unlike the folks at stir

Nicole Lee Sudia

Farrah is a damn liar!!  She WANTED this to get out!!

Debbie Marquez

You're so dramatic.. nothing Farrah does anymore is shocking.. sick of hearing it??? Seems you are the one constantly bringing attention to Farrah. Why not post positive stuff about Catalynn.. who is more of a role model instead of this crap. Seems you can't get enough!

Catherine Davis Clark

omgosh i am so sick of seein this everytime i get on fb. she made a porno big deal who cares, yes shes a mom, yes was on teen mom its her life i'm sure actual porn stars have kids to and nobody makes a big deal bout them. thats her life if thats what she wanted to do thats what she does. i think it was dumb too but its her life her choice so leave it alone gees....

Cayla Lyster

I don't think anyone would be bitching at her for doing this IF she didn't have a  2 year old CHILD!!!! When you're a MOTHER you don't do that! You fucked up and had a kid young so guess what?! You lose the chance to do what young people  get to do. If she didn't have a kid no one would be pissed that she did a porno

Kimberly Even

So true. Its one thing to take a couple of sexy shots and keep them for your own private use later on and its another thing to decide to make a porno with a famous porn star for money. However, most people don't decide to have anal sex on camera to look back on when they're older and say, "damn, I was sexy". That's a lie and that's what the whole fuss is about. Let's just be honest.

Barbara S. Cobb

If she's making as much money off of the video as she says then she should share some of it with James because most people probably wouldn't have even watched it if he hadn't been in it!!!

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