Kendall Jenner Finally Comes Clean About Secret Boyfriend & Proves She’s the Smartest Kardashian

kendall jennerKendall Jenner has managed to accomplish something no other Kardashian has done before -- she is keeping her private life just that ... private. It seems as though the model has had a boyfriend for the past year and never blabbed about it or threw him in front of those ever-present cameras.

That's pretty remarkable considering that not one of her older sisters has been able to pull that off. Though, I am not sure they would even want to. It's not exactly good for the family biz, which is all about letting the world peek into every single aspect of their lives.

There have long been rumors that she was dating college football player  Julian Brooks, who used to attend the high school where both Kendall and Kylie were once cheerleaders.  Recently, the pair has posted photos taken together, but a relationship hadn't been confirmed until now. Check out her sweet, loving tweet:

kendal tweetCute, right. That same day, Julian tweeted, "It's crazy ... it's been a year.. a good year." Awwwww! Sounds like they are celebrating a one year anniversary to me. Kendall, though one of  the youngest of the reality TV clan, may prove to be the smartest -- at least when it comes to romance.

Relationships never fare well under intense scrutiny and non-stop coverage. Some people can't take the constant prying or the need to be camera ready at every moment. That certainly contributed to the disintegration of Kim's short marriage to Kris Humphries. Most people want to keep that aspect of their lives out of the spotlight, especially if they are trying to grow a loving, trusting relationship. If Kendall has learned anything from her sister's romantic disasters it's that you need time to get to know each other before being swept up in a media storm. She has certainly done the right thing when it comes to Julian. If she really likes this guy, she has to give the romance a real chance to be as normal as possible.

Do you think Kendall was smart to keep her relationship out of the press?


Image via Pacific Coast News



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LostS... LostSoul88

That's a dumb question. Of coarse she is and she keeps herself out of the public eye as well. 

Kynda... Kyndall30

She's not a "Kardashian". Show some respect for her father, and allow Kendall some distance (at least in name) from her fame-hungry whore sisters whose names are actually Kardashian.

momofcfk momofcfk

I agree Kyndall30!!!

nonmember avatar Lorene

Of course she's smart...she's not a Kardashian! Love the K-sisters, BUT they haven't exactly made the right choices. Like...letting their mom run their lives.

nonmember avatar Vernon Alarcon

1st of all, she is NOT A KARDASHIAN, secondly, calling someone the "smartest" Kardashian is like choosing one turd as the sweeteset smelling one in a pile of sheet...

Rodger Bower

wouldn't you keep it secret if you were 17 and your boyfriend of two years since you were 15 is a College football player . Consent in California is 18 he is a sex offender if he is older than 18

Monica Mailman

surprised there wasn't a sex tape out the minute she smiled at the boy.


nonmember avatar M Choi

Her hands don't match her body!

nonmember avatar dominiquebharri

She should have kept it private even longer i dont think she is smarter then her sisters bc now she is gonna get the attention she never wanted and i dont think she is ready for that and a year is nothing

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