Rob Kardashian Charged With Battery & Theft for Entitled, Bratty Behavior

rob kardashianIf you keep up with all things Kardashian, you may recall that Rob allegedly got into the scuffle shuffle with a paparazzi a few months ago. As the story goes, Rob was working out, attempting to lose the reported 30 pounds he's put on, and when he took off his shirt to change into another one, a super creepo photog jumped out of the bushes and started snapping away at a shirtless Rob. Rob, understandably, didn't like that -- I mean, the headlines write themselves: Keeping Up With the McRib; Rob Takes McDonald's; Kardashian Clearly Not ROBBED of His Fries -- so he reportedly aggressively jacked the memory card from her camera. A criminal complaint was then filed, and Rob Kardashian was charged with battery and petty theft.

Now. While hiding in the bushes, waiting for someone who's being ridiculed about their weight to disrobe is on a whole new level of creepy and vapid, I'm sure Rob would have acted differently had he had a six pack.

When you're famous, you don't get to pick and choose the photos the public gets to see of you. And if you're famous for willingly putting your entire life on display and having "candid" shots taken of yourself, it's doubly true. I feel bad that Rob's getting crap about his weight gain, really I do, but he doesn't just get to suddenly decide: "You know what? I don't think I'm going to like the way I look in this pic, so I'm gonna snatch this paparazzi's camera." Sorry, doesn't work that way.

Not to sound harsh here, but if Rob wants to like every photo he's in, he needs to simply get in shape. He has money; access to the world's best trainers; and no real job to boot. The odds are in his favor. And if he doesn't feel like doing all that, he needs to just like himself the way he is -- which, for the record, is way hotter than six-pack abs.

What do you think of Rob's behavior?


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blunt... bluntcakes

Wait until someone takes an.unflattering photo of you cause they wanna be an asshole and see how you react. Yeah he's a kardashian and should expect it but that doesn't mean he has to take it, if you ask me the paparazzo got exactly what they deserve for being a creep. Entitled bratty behavior? Geez.

abra819 abra819

Who cares, he's a jerk. I've wasted enough time on this article.

nonmember avatar Phaeton

He's a pig........period! The way he treats women, the way he behaves around people in general, his TOTAL lack of responsibility. He will never amount to anything other than being Kim's fat, ugly, jobless brother and his controlling mother's crying baby.

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