Maci Bookout Handles Long Distance Better Than the Rest of Us

Maci BookoutWhile the world is off worrying about Farrah Abraham's sex tape, fellow Teen Mom Maci Bookout has a few worries of her own. Primarily pertaining to her long-distance relationship with her boyfriend Taylor. The couple has been dating since the end of 2012, a sweet change of pace from her iffy relationship with ex Kyle Regal. But lately, it seems Maci's struggling a bit. The Teen Mom star tweeted, "Long distance relationships can be hard when you have kids."

Yes, yes they can. But I'm gonna be honest: long-distance relationships are hard, period. You need to give yourself some credit here Maci.

Long-distance relationships have their own sets of complications. When things are going hard for you at work or in your family life, a normal person can call up their significant other and meet them at a diner down the road. In a long-distance relationship, that's not an option. Your communication is different. The way you deal with one another is different. Seeing someone you care about once in a blue moon puts so much added, difficult stress on a relationship.

For Maci, she's dealing with the pressures of being in a long-distance relationship while also dealing with being in the public eye AND being a mom. That's a lot to handle. I'll be the first to commend her that she's doing an awfully great job.

The redhead is, in my eyes, one of the best Teen Mom moms there is out there, a great role model for her son Bentley, and stays out of trouble 98 percent of the time. I know if I were in her shoes, I'd be having a rough time handling it all too.

Do you think Maci has anything to be worried about?


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LostS... LostSoul88

there will always be worry and I agree she is one of the best "teen moms" she doesnt force herself in the public eye. She lives a normal life with her child.

Erica Ignocente Watson

I think what she ment about long distance relationships being hard with children is the fact that she can't just pick up a leave to be with the person, becasue she has to put her son and his needs first. 

Hope Nichole Cook

i agree. it is hard to have relationships with kids. you have to think about not yourself but someone else too. and i as a single parent i would all about that.

lulou lulou

I think its actually a good thing, that a child is not getting attached to a temporary father figure.

Sloane Michelle Sanders

I've always really liked Maci, and I wish her nothing but the best.  Her and Catelynn from their season of Teen Mom are fantatstic people who have handled the pressures of being famous better than some of their other Amber, Farrah, and Jenelle.  Kudos to you Maci, you're doing a terrific job!

nonmember avatar ArmyWife

My husband,an active duty US Soldier, is currently deployed to Afghanistan. This is our 2nd year-long deployment. Long distance relationships aren't hard at all in my opinion. You have to be strong-willed and patient. I'd rather be with a man who is gone a lot & loves me more than life itself, than not be with him at all. Just be lucky that you have someone in your life. Love isn't easy. Something worth fighting for never is...

Paper... PaperClip811

I did the long distance thing a couple times with DH. When we were dating he lived in California and I lived in Texas for the first 6 months. Then he moved to Texas, only to get a job in Arizona a year later! He spent almost 9 months in AZ before I moved there to be with him(we got married a little less than 2 months before I moved). It had some very tough times, but we made it through-- I think the hardest part for our relationship was readjusting to being together every single day, lol.

katyd... katydidsmom

When I met my husband we were living in different states, about 7 hours apart. Even after we got married, we still lived apart for a year due to our jobs. It was difficult, but we made it work.

jingl... jinglebells8677

Blah blah blah. Military wife's have to deal with long distance relationships all the time. And on top of that we have to worry about our husbands dying, are kids being with out there father, and living away from our families. Our spouses are gone 6-12-18 or more months at a time we go for days, weeks or months sometimes with out hearing from them. We hold down the fort, take care of the house,kids, pet and so forth alone. So I don't feel sorry for her, I don't think she's all great and wonderful or her life is hard but she's awesome. I think she is a teenager whose poor choices and if she hasn't been on tv she would be just another face in the crowd and no one would care what's going on in her life. Write stories that are important not this crap. Go talk to military wife's who know what a long distance relationship is all about. My husband is in Korea, we have a new baby he got less then 30 days with, she will be 7 months old when he comes home. Our other daughter will be 2 and our son just turned 7 we are the real people handling a long distance relationship.

nonmember avatar Haileigh

Jinglebells8677 , If you think articles like this are crap I don't know why you took the time not only to read the article but also to comment on it. She may only be on this website because of being on "Teen Mom" but there are a lot of teen parents out there that are not doing a good job parenting their children. ANY time a relationship goes long distance it will be difficult and stressful. And yes, we all know that when Military wives* are home with their children while their husbands are on deployment they have even more added stress in the equation, NO ONE is denying that! There are plenty of articles about that on the internet, if you would like to read something like that, you are allowed to go onto another site....

Maci seems to be a fantastic mother, and anyone can see how much love that she has for Bentley. She may have made a mistake a few years ago, but she still loves him unconditionally. As she herself has pointed out before "He is the best gift that she has ever received".

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