Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Apparently Need Counseling Before They Shack Up Together

robert pattinsonIt's just been a few short weeks since Robert Pattinson returned from filming The Rover in Australia. But Twi-hards are still panting over one important question: When are Kristen Stewart and Rob moving in together? Apparently the answer is, not until they smooth out their trust issues. Sources say the couple have looked at a few properties in Malibu. But Rob isn't in a hurry to pack up his things and move just yet.

The source told Look magazine, "I think they now need to take things slow and possibly get some counselling before moving forward again." Kristen is reportedly frustrated and sad, but understands her boyfriend needs time. But will they take their friend's advice and get counseling?

I don't know, that doesn't sound like Robert Pattinson's style. But then, he is supposedly taking dance lessons for Kristen, so who knows? I think if your relationship is shaky, getting counseling BEFORE you both sink your money into a property and start moving furniture is the smart thing to do. Better to work out some of those kinks before you take the next step.

If Rob and Kristen really are living at Kristen's mom's house, you'd think he'd want to get a little privacy ASAP. Even renting some place together would make more sense than that! But I also keep hearing that Kristen has her own place and they're more often staying there. Sure wish the tabloids would get their stories straight so a blogger like me could keep up!

But that's all assuming this relationship is the real deal. And I keep saying it (though it's painful to hear, I know), I still have a hunch this whole Robsten relationship is just a publicity stunt with an expiration date of around August. I'm just saying. Rob is traveling a lot for his film projects, so it's not like he's spending a lot of time in LA anyway. But if it seems like he keeps postponing his cohabitation with Kristen, there may be a really big reason why: He's never moving in with her.

Do you think Kristen and Rob should get counseling before moving in together, or does Rob just need to get over his trust issues?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar M

I agree with their friend they should, just as a refresher, and what they have got to lose. a couple hundred of dollars for good advice. Also they have their home, move in there to start a fresh. But more importantly that they have to both want it to make it work.

nonmember avatar DD

I don't think it is a publicity stunt, its the real deal. i also think they need counselling just to put things into perspective. obviously this friends of theirs cares about this couple very much. But buying a property together right now should be delayed for another two years. Until they learned to be together for the right reason. Meaning they both need to chill and be relax around each other. They were okay until some idiots caused a fake rumour by taking a photo outside a restaurant where Kristen was with her and rob's friends caption meeting with that idiot director. Of course Rob was upset, luckily that friend came up to NYC to let rob know. It is sad, so it caused a setback on their relationship. But they will get there eventually

Daisy Dorothy Watt

Its probably the best thing for them get counselling and in order for Rob and Kristen's relationship to grow and matured. Rob does need to get over these trust issues. You have to learn to trust Kristen in smaller units and build it up. Getting your family on side is one, which I wouldn't be surprised his parents have forgiven her, but his sisters is another story. Probably another five years. I personally think they will, later if they are still together. As long as Kristen plays by the book. So they will be watching your every move. It is frustrating for Kristen because it is a setback on their relationship and maybe take baby steps to rent a place together to chill out without the media knowing. It also means to make time for each other especiallly when Rob is due to film very soon and as well as Kristen filming snow white. Personally I think Kristen needs to improve on confidence without been arrogant. She is doing marvellously, but this situation has shaken her confidence. She has learnt a big lesson, I wish people who do not know her stop calling her names.

Kathy Sanford

I too am starting to think this is all PR stuff. They are playing games by this need for privacy stuff when everything they do just draws attention to them. If they are a real couple, just live your life like real couples do. The cat and mouse game keeps the pap hooked in. If they just go about their business openly and naturaly the pap would loose interest quickly and move on to someone else.

Rashi Nanda

leave them alone and stop making a big deal. i am sure this isn't publicity stunt. i am sure they are repairing their relationship.

nonmember avatar Barbie

Adriana You have the most right on opinion I've heard yet. I'm totally with you, I'm sure it's already over and they are just playing it out the best they can til August. I think Rob and kris actually parted ways quite a while ago. I think this whole Robsten thing has long played it's self out

nonmember avatar faithful

Something about this story is total BS. Why do they need to buy a house together?. They both own houses in Los Feliz area very close to each other. They are staying in Malibu so Rob can surf most probably. He and She have movie obligations very soon so the Malibu thing was always temporary fun. You people obsess about their lives and make them infinitely more complex than they do. Who give a f*** whether they buy a house together as long as they are together. !!

Mel Rose

I think they should both move on...but for the most part I don't care. I think that it is wrong that their problems are entertainmet.

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