A Black ‘Real Housewives of New York’ Is More Fantasy Than Reality

real housewives of new yorkThere is a lot about the Real Housewives franchise that reflect our real lives. 1. Women can be catty. 2. Women can be cruel. 3. Marriages, even the ones that seem perfect on the outside, are often messy and complicated. There is just one big thing that is missing. Leave it to RHOA diva Sheree Whitfield to call it out. She recently ranted that there aren't enough black people on Real Housewives and she's right.

Outside of the ATL-based cast, the other cities look like a cookie with no chips. You can watch an entire season without a yellow, brown, or reddish complexion popping up on the screen. Some areas, you expect a complete lack of diversity, namely Orange County. It is known to be pretty homogeneous and incredibly blonde (whether by birth or bottle). Though that excuse doesn't fly in a city like New York. This is arguably the most diverse place in the country -- so I understand why fans expect the show to reflect that in some way.

Don't these ladies know any women of color they can bring into their wicked, inner circle? All of those relationships are mostly manufactured anyway, with producers signing on a "new girl" or two every season to liven things up. Why not just hire someone with a little ethnic flair. It's guaranteed to do wonders for the show. There is a reason Real Housewives of Atlanta is the best of the bunch. Those woman are the sassiest, savviest, and funniest of the entire franchise (though New Jersey is definitely a close second). Who wouldn't love seeing Ramona Singer going head to head with someone as feisty as NeNe Leakes. Now that's TV gold.

But truth be told, just plopping a black, Latina, or Asian woman into the mix would be more fake than the show already is. It's sad, but true. That's not to say there aren't plenty of minority women who can match both their brazenness and bank accounts -- there are. However, these women probably hardly ever mingle in a diverse crowd, aside from a doorman, delivery man, random shop person. Whether you want to believe it or not, that is probably the reality of these women's lives.

Does it bother you that the Real Housewives casts are not more diverse?


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nonmember avatar Isis

To say nothing of the stereotypes mentioned, this is the most horribly written article (I use that term loosely) I've ever read. I've seen high school newspapers written and edited better than this.

Patti Marie McClure

I thought there was some diversity coming to BH? Was that just rumor?

Lisa Keller

Atlanta is not the only show with diversity.  Did you forget about Miami?  I know that is easy to do because its not one of the best but they do have diversity on that one. 

Princess Swain

I have noted the same thing when watching these shows and was very excited when Kim exited the cast of RHoA for this very reason. RHoOC and RHoBH is a prime example of wanting to live in a very "blond world" while tanning yourself to embarrassment and resembling an oompa loompa. All these shows, except RHoA show reality--which is the true fact that we live in a segregated society and you are only allowed in if Black and you are the hired help!!!

nonmember avatar jj

I like all of the shows and this is a poorly written article, and as for sheree well shes bitter

nonmember avatar keepingitreal

I agree with Sheree. I only watch the RHOA, I just can't watch more than 10 minutes of the others...i just can't relate to botox wannabe barbies. And, the storylines seem manufactured in those franchises. New York is the worst. Some of my family live in NY and that cast just dont represent NY to me...they are boring and petty. I think the article is spot on.

nonmember avatar shemale

She has a point with the other franchises, but Atlanta's cast is not diverse! The casting does not represent the population of ATL. Sheree is in the same part of town as I am!

nonmember avatar Sarah

I just assumed that black women were too smart to get caught up in the fray. (I am a white woman). These women are nothing but classless. It is an affront that they get such good ratings. Who really wants to associate with the drunken whores on RHONY?

nonmember avatar Raven

I think if they did DC Housewives over with a predominantly black cast, it would have as high ratings as Atlanta. DC is known as "Chocolate City" so for there to have been only one black was strange to me.

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