‘RHOBH’ Star Taylor Armstrong Already Talking Marriage & Kids With Sketchy Lawyer Boyfriend

taylor armstrongIt's no secret that Taylor Armstrong has had a rough year. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member's late husband Russell hanged himself 12 months ago, leaving her not only with a massive amount of grief, but a massive amount of debt, as well. Add to that the pressure of having her alleged drinking problem outed on the show and Taylor seems more than ready for something good to happen. Enter her lawyer, John Bluher, who's helping her in the legal and the love department.

Taylor told Star that they're thinking about marriage ... and kids, too.

We’re open to it ... When we do tie the knot it will be in the mountains or by the sea. We love both places ... the idea of a baby sounds wonderful, and I know that Kennedy would love a brother or sister, but John has two sons and a daughter, so we have lots of kids.

You hear that? Taylor loves the mountains and the beach.

Anyway, I'm appropriately happy for this reality star whom I've never met. She seems really needy and completely unstable on the show, so I'm betting that getting married is something that would fulfill her and make her happy.

But ... it's not all rainbows and a bottle of wine before dinner. Allegedly, John was happily married to his wife Stephanie when he started the affair with Taylor, whom Stephanie called a close family friend.

Plus, it was John who whisked Taylor away for a surprise long weekend in the mountains (she loves them as much as she loves the beach!) and may have enabled her drinking. Moments before take-off, a shit-canned Taylor called Kyle Richards and was surprised to learn that her daughter Kennedy was in Kyle's care.

So ... we'll see where this goes. Taylor could use a break, that's for sure, so hopefully she gets the happy ending she's always wanted.

Do you think Taylor should marry this guy?


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Suzyn Hewitt

good for her for how ever long it will last - apparently everything happens for a reason!

Joanne Hester

I hope she finds some happiness and peace. She has been through something that is so devastatingly  , It would be nice to hang on to something normal, and have some love in her life and her child's. You have to go on and keep moving. I hope he is a good man and will love her and be strong and kind.

nonmember avatar Pualani

Taylor's EX-husband who she spoke so poorly of, same guy who according to her, beat her within an inch of her life, hangs himself and she's consumed by grief? I don't buy it for a second. Let's add cheating with your friend's husband to her "shame" list...yikes!

Penni Stewart Frassico

I hope Taylor finds happiness,,,,,,,and I don't care whether she was separated or divorced,,,,,,,,,her husband or ex-husband was abusive.  You only have one life Taylor,,,,,enjoy it :)

Dawne Ancheta Both

"STAR" Taylor Armstrong...OMG...CA is famous for all these miserable feeling people...Lindsay is also a "STAR"...

Trish Hogan McPhee

Let her be happy. She obviously suffered at the hands of Russell, let her live her life and further more, it really isn't anyones business but theirs.

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