Michael Jackson’s Former Friend Says the King of Pop Molested Him & Sues His Estate


wade robsonI am convinced that Michael Jackson will NEVER rest in peace. If it's not because his family has turned his kids into media stars (he desperately tried to keep them out of the spotlight while he was alive), then this latest news will definitely have him turning over in his grave. One of the belated King of Pop's friends now alleges that Michael molested him years ago.

Wade Robson is accusing Jackson of "childhood sexual abuse" and is suing his estate for financial compensation for his pain and suffering. A talented, aspiring dancer, he had been a frequent guest of Neverland Ranch from age 7 to 14, when the alleged abuse occurred. These claims are especially surprising because Robson was a star witness at Jackson's 2005 molestation trial, swearing that he was never the victim of any abuse. His testimony went a long way in convincing jurors and fans alike of Michael's innocence. (You may recall, MJ was found not guilty of all charges.) But Now Robson says that he had actually suppressed the memory of what happened for 20 years

Not surprisingly, lawyers for the estate have blasted the lawsuit, calling it "sad and less than credible." If his accusations are true, it's horrible, of course. But this seems like a has-been desperate for some time in the spotlight (and some major cash) and Michael’s shady past is an easy mark.

Robson was once considered one of the best choreographers in the entertainment business. He has worked with Usher, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake, to name a few. It was even rumored that Brit cheated on JT with him and is the reason for their headline-grabbing breakup. Since then, however, Robson has kept a pretty low profile, working on So You Think You Can Dance and reportedly is doing Demi Lovato's choreography. Now 30, this could be his attempt to make a quick buck on lingering suspicions about Michael Jackson's behavior, or perhaps he did finally remember what happened to him inside the walls of Neverland Ranch. No one really knows except him and Michael Jackson, who can no longer defend himself against these accusations. Sadly, this may open the door to a lot of claims from people who want to cash in on his estate.

Do you think these allegations are true?


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LostS... LostSoul88

He's dead if he really did he would have said somethign when other kid(s) were coming forward. ! People just want money....

Michelle Romero

let the poor guy  r.i.p gosh hes a fame whore lol

Vegeta Vegeta

MJ's family is suing the record company for like 3 billion right now right? This guy is probably banking on getting his hands on some of that money. Suppressed memories my butt.

Rootbear Rootbear

^^^ I was just thinking that. 

How convenient you remember NOW.

Fox Hunter

No, they are not true...

nonmember avatar freeze

I know that it's true. Use to date a friend of Wade's back in the day and there were always people whispering about it. Inappropriate jokes behind his back. Too bad it took him so long.

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