Kim Kardashian May Be Having a Change of Heart About Putting Her Baby on TV -- Surprise, Surprise!


kim kardashianRemember how we told you that Kim Kardashian will not be putting Baby Kimye on the TV? Well, she's still sticking with that promise ... for now. But man, it sure sounds like she's thinking about it. And she's got one important person to convince: Daddy Kanye West. He's not going on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and he's probably the one who's saying no to putting baby on the show. Because Kim is famous for being just like her mother, Kris Jenner. And, well, we all know what she'd do.

So yeah, that's the official word for now. But that's not stopping Kim from mentioning a few other kids she knows who are growing up on television and doing just fine ... as far as we know. Let's just say Kim seems "undecided" about whether to put baby on the show.

I love and enjoy seeing Mason and Penelope on the show. But Scott and Kourtney are in the same business of reality television, so it works for them ... [Kendall and Kylie] have grown into these amazing young women who are very grounded and smart. It has turned out to be a positive, but I think it could have been a negative. It gives me great hope, even for Mason and Penelope ...

Well then. She does have a point there about both Scott and Kourtney being in the family biz. You need a buy-in from both parents to make that work, I'm sure. And Kim doesn't seem to think being on television is necessarily the worst thing for a kid. It's maybe not the BEST thing, either. But everyone's okay still, right? Well now, that's pretty convincing.

Kim says when her child gets older, he or she can make a decision about whether or not to go on the show. Which begs two questions: 1. How long is this damn show going to go on? It's already lasted way longer than anyone ever expected! 2. How old is old enough? Three? Twenty-one? 

Well, if you ask Kim's sister Khloe, it's probably closer to 3. "Never say never," she says, suggesting Kim may find a way. Does Kanye really get what he's up against? Does he really think even Kim will give up the show after she has her baby? Dude, The Kardashian is strong with this one. You cannot fight against your destiny.

How long do you think before the Kimye baby goes on the show?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Golde... GoldenEagle183

The baby will be on tv. No doubt about it.  Photo op. Nannies will continue with diaper duty.  Kim always

gets what she wants, and if the money is there (and it will be) look out. She will pose with the baby again

and again for the show.

eleph... elephantmamaof2

How long? I think we'll see the birth whether Kanye likes it or not. Once they make her that multi million dollar offer to film the birth she'll be telling Kanye to kick rocks. I see the situation between them getting very ugly over this!

lovem... lovemy2sons25

I hope we see the birth, I hope we see the baby on there, otherwise I will probably just quit watching the show... I love watching Keeping up with the Kardashians!!

Joey Deans

The only reason Kanye has any say in the situation is because he makes more money than Kim. If she was the bread-winner, you know he would be all for the baby making them more money.

Sharon Pacheco

I don't watch her stupid show but would love for them to show her birth. once those contractions kick in she will turn into a crying and whining baby. I endured 22 hrs of labor to end up with a c-section and went home in all my pain and did all my cooking, cleaning and laundry b/c some of us don't have it as good as her so I have ZERO sympathy for that chick..

Linda Williams

Well, I would like to see her with her baby as soon as she has it or filmed on the show like her sister did. I would love to see if she has such an easy labor like Kourtney did, and just pull her baby right out herself. I too had 2 C-sections, after first trying natural, and kourtney just made it look easy! There is nothing easy about it! However she does it, I think she definitely will have her baby on the show pretty quickly. I for one, just love those Kardashians girls and can't wait to see what her baby looks like!

Joann Penning

fall season  kimya baby will there  the babys help make the shows

Joann Penning

i love mason and little sister they are bigger than mommy and kourney and she is the best and happy mommy day kourtney

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