Rihanna Arrives 3 Hours Late for Concert & Completely Disrespects Fans

RihannaI'm just going to be upfront with this: There is nothing I hate more than flakiness. Which is why I have a seriously foul taste in my mouth right now for Rihanna. The "Umbrella" singer showed up almost three hours late to her concert last night in Boston at the TD Garden, keeping fans waiting.

Not only did she not provide any explanation once she FINALLY made it on stage, but rumor has it that she lip-synced for most of the hour-long performance and as a result -- was booed throughout the gig.

Eeeeesh. The star tweeted later on in the evening that she would "never forget this night" and that she has a "deeper love" for her fans there ... but according to the Twitter backlash, they want nothing to do with her. And heck, I can't blame them.

This is a major slap in the face, Rih.

It seems to me like Rihanna's pulling a Justin Bieber here, and I'm not OK with it. I just can't understand when an artist shows up late for a concert like it's no big deal. Like any job, you're getting paid to provide a service. They owe it to the fans to show up on time, and give it their all, especially when tickets are selling for ridiculous, ridiculous amounts.

Even worse? This is the SECOND time that Rihanna has blown off an appearance for hours. Just a few weeks ago she showed up over FOUR HOURS late for a performance at a Chicago high school. A 16-minute performance. There's NOTHING that would have kept me waiting there for four hours.

Rihanna, get it together. I don't know what is (or isn't) going on with Chris Brown or if you really were "watching a basketball game" as some of the tabloids are saying. Regardless, you're better than this. Be the performer your friends admire, not one they love to hate.

Do you think Rihanna was out of line?


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nonmember avatar norespect

People should have gotten up and left, and demanded their money back! Too many of these spoiled stars, treat their fans like garbage, and these fans should let them know, who put those stars where they are. These stars forget, the fans are the ones who made them, they can take them down(as in not go to concerts, buy their songs, support them in anyway), and gee they will be just mediocre people, like the rest of us.

Tina Sadowski

She did it here in Buffalo too. Was over two hours late and then lip-synced. Horrible!

nonmember avatar C sal

She was also over 2 hours late to her San Diego concert...

nonmember avatar wezy

She will keep doing it as long as people keep going for the okie dokie.
Hit these UNGRATFUL NON TALENTED CELEBRITIES IN THE WALLET!!!..then maybe they will go away in obscurity.

Zupamum Zupamum

I think Rihanna needs to give all the fans that came to her concert their money back and the option to go  back to one of her concerts for free! She definitely owes everyone an explanation and an apology!

nonmember avatar KC

I am a big Rihanna fan but this is just over the top. There is no way in hell I would be okay with spending my hard earned money on OVERPRICED concert tickets to then wait THREE hours for her to show up & give a crappy show with NO apology.

Rihanna has millions of fans who adore her & she should definitely remember that.

Your fans made you & they sure as hell can break you too.

With that being said, I am so glad I decided to skip her concert.

Kelly Towner

Well said Emily & all. A few years ago my little sister and some other kids were waiting to meet her somewhere for an autograph or photo, and when she finally came out she just walked away & swore at them! Can't stand ungrateful overrated people who think the world revolves around them.

nonmember avatar Paul

Saw her in Tampa and she didn't go on till like 10 or 10:15 after a DJ and ASAP Rocky warmed up the crowd. Ticket said 7:30 and i didn't know or didn't care who the opening act or acts was. I got to the arena at 7:45 and was really looking to sell my ticket(last row on the floor) but iwas so early there weren't many folks around that early so i just went in.
I liked the show and she seemed to me to be genuinely interested in being there that night and sincere in thanking us for coming. Taylor Swift played the following night in Tampa so that was quite a weekend

nonmember avatar Nicole

I'm in Michigan went to her concert here in Detroit back in march ticket said 7:30 she didn't get on stage till about 10:00. ASAP rocky was to perform and didn't they said he was ill do we got a dj for 2.5 hours. Bull crap I'm still mad about it.

Alicia Barbuto

I was at the Boston concert last night and it was horrible. There was no opening act except for an alright dj. She was 3 hours late and it was horrible.

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