Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape Outsells Kim Kardashian's But the Reason Might Surprise You

Farrah Abraham Teen MomWell, business is booming in the world of Farrah Abraham. Her sex tape officially crashed Vivid Entertainment's website and sales are going through the roof. Clearly the porn industry is not affected by the dwindling economy. Good to know.

I'm assuming that Farrah is most proud of the fact that she beat out Kim Kardashian for most successful porno. Because I'm sure in her head, making a sex tape more successful than a Kardashian pretty much sets Farrah up for instant A-list celeb status. But not so fast.

Before Farrah's head starts to spin with all of the different clothing lines and perfume deals she can create overnight, let's first address the reason WHY her tape beat out Kim's.

Before Kim's tape was released back in 2007, she wasn't a celebrity in any way, shape, or form. (Going to parties with Paris Hilton and owning a store that nobody has heard of at the time does not count.) Essentially, it was the tape that made her a star (duh). But Farrah's story is completely different because she was already known. Before she released her sex tape, her name was in everybody's mouths -- whether it being about her DUI scandal, waxing her daughters eyebrows, or those "sexy" partying pictures. And this is all on top of the "fame" she already had from Teen Mom. Comparing Farrah in 2013 to Kim is 2007 is just crazy talk. Could you even imagine the mayhem that would happen if Kim's tape came out now instead of years ago? Would it even be a question as to who's the bigger star? I don't think so!

Not to mention how much has changed from 2007 until now -- between Facebook, YouTube, Twitter -- all social media has grown tremendously in popularity, giving Farrah the ultimate platform for sex tape success.

And there you have it, folks. Farrah might have a more successful porno -- but I can assure you, it's NOT because she's the next Kim Kardashian. At least we can be relieved about that.

Do you think Farrah is a bigger star than Kim?

Image via Vivid Entertainment

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nonmember avatar damien

poor farrah..if only she could go on the Bachelorette and take 3 guys to her "fantasy suite" then the stir would love her and praise her freedom of choice

Sadie Therrien

this bitch doens't even deserve the right to be called a mother. Or a celeb

Gina Consentino

i can't stand either one of them. neither one has talent and their names are known over lame reasons and they are over paid national whores, but hey, nasty ugly people will go to extreme for attention.my opinion!

nonmember avatar Dyson

Without stirring up a Racial Hornets nest could it also be that the Majority of the white population chose not to watch a Little Known Black Rapper bang a Paris Hilton groupie. Also Does the "teen" porn demographic sell better than the demographic the Kardashian tape appealed to. You Could put up 2 porns with unknown people as a simple survey . One features a black actor with some other non white girl. And the second Any hot white teen girl with great body and any white dude as the male. Lets see what people want to watch. Farrah's tape wins just because she is a pretty white girl that more Americans would be interested in watching.

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

wow this is actually something that is worth writing about?! Why are these tapes even being compared? This is trashy and nasty...both of these young ladies have nothing to be proud about. You are doing exactly what they want you to do...spread their fame through this piece of shit article...you need to find something else to do with your time...tsk tsk

nonmember avatar kaerae

Danielle, if you have so many better things to do, go do them. When I scroll through the posts and find one I think is nonsense, I pass on it and keep scrolling, but whatever. @DYSON - I think that's a great point about the "teen" angle, I'd imagine that does make a difference.

daydr... daydreamer6170

why does everyone act like she is the first single mom to do porn? and seriously there are much worse mothers out there than farrah.

Amy Adams

Trick question neither are stars...

Lori Blank

She's just a dumb ass,

nonmember avatar Emus92

ew seriously i cant believe she would even think that her porn tape would beat Kim's. they they both disgust me. But Farrah needs to realize that shes not gonna get anywhere with this and shes setting a bad example for her daughter.i dont feel bad for her she can go to hell. but i do feel bad for her kid because the kid has to live with her. I would not tolerate any action coming from farrah.

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