'RHOOC's Gretchen Rossi Regrets Joining Cast but Keeps Coming Back for More

gretchen rossiGretchen Rossi of The Real Housewives of Orange County says that if she had to do it all over again, she wouldn't have gone on the reality show. She admitted to KTLA that she thought that participating in the series would be a "bowl of cherries", but it hasn't been. Between the haters and her total lack of privacy, Gretchen would like a take-backsies on the whole thing.

I know what you're thinking. But wait, Lindsay, isn't this her fifth season? Why does she keep coming back for more if she's so miserable?

Well, apparently she's doing it for us. She told the news team that she keeps coming back for more because of the fans. Evidently, she thinks she'd disappoint a lot of people if she took her Slade and Pony show off the air.

Hate to break it to Gretchen, but we're totally fine with her not returning to the RHOC. She doesn't have to keep starring on the show for our sake. In fact, if she's so concerned about the fans' happiness, she should leave the series ASAP.

I don't have anything particularly against the makeup designer, handbag designer, hair-care designer, swimwear designer, singer, dancer, and "entrepreneur", it's just that a) her plastic face skeeves me out a bit, b) the whole dating Slade thing skeeves me out even more, and c) she came across really unsympathetic when her fiance Jeff died of cancer.

Plus, she's clearly using the show to promote her lame attempts at becoming some sort of "brand", as well as to rehab her image, and Slade's. Everything with her is calculated to make her look like the hero, and it's totally transparent. There's nothing real about her as a Real Housewife anymore. 

She can go bye bye now.

Would you mind if Gretchen didn't come back for another season?


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Serab... Serabelle

Well, everything you write sleeves me out, guess that means you should leave the Stir! Gretchen is the main reason I watch RHOC, her and Tamara. So yes, she does have fans.

nonmember avatar Paul

I admit I watch these trainwrecks(not all of them) week in, week out. Should we call them un-reality shows becase they're far from the average travails of the middle class 9 to 5ers.
Vicki's looked real old on Mon nights episode. She should dump Brooks and kick out Brianna's a-hole hubby who thinks his you know what doesn't stink. But we've got the grandbaby now so that the new dynamic. Vicki should just chill and out of the dating pool for a bit. What's gonna happen with Tamra and Eddie. Will they ever marry?? Inquiring minds want to know... New addition Lidia seems as ditsy as her pot smoking fairy dust spreading Mom

Yolanda Salazar Byford

I really think you must hate Gretchen judging by the tone in all your articles. What happened to being objective??? I agree with Serabelle, Gretchen is the main reason I watch! I would guess you're a Vicki fan! YUCK!

Deborah Gardner

your writers are idiots.....   your articles are nothing but  shit stirers...   you have no clue about what you write about you are a joke maybe you shouldn't write anymore...  what morons you are...

Cathy Grondy

Vicki is the one who needs to go. She's got seventeen kinds of crazy running thru her veins, and it's exhausting to watch.

Misty Griffin

this article is the exact thing she talked about....the hate, the meanness...All of the wives have had plastic surgery...why just pick on Gretchen? I think this article is mean and another type of cyber bullying... IMO

Suzanne Benn

But if Gretchen wasn't on the show, she wouldn;t have that HUGE 12 carat engagement ring !!!! Hell no she isn;t going to quit !!! She is as goofy as the rest of them. Why single her out? She's in it for the game just like the rest of them.... she's had plastic surgery just like the rest of them, ....she's had man problems just like the rest of them. She isn;t evenas patehetic as Vicki who keep trying to re-invent herself each season and each time it falls FLAT  cause she gets crazy by the end of the season !!!! It's all a bit nuts on the show but thats why we keep watching. Gretchen is no worse than any of the other ladies. Leave her alone.....


Audrey Ann Elder

Lindsay, your the hater here...I love Gretchen, I agree, Vicki should go, I think she can't handle whats going on in her life and needs a break before she has a breakdown. I think everyone of them on all the shows play it up for TV otherwise who would watch...just a little worried about Vicki's mentality, I do believe she is a smart woman with just a twist of crazy right now. Honestly, I think the show causes that in all of them eventually.

Aura Lee

Please who are you to say how someone should react to a loved one dying that was a real low blow ..everyone is different and reacts differently to things.. PLEASE .. I personally like Gretchen she is the only one that lives in a NORMAL home .. who cares if she is in love with Slade. It's her life let her live it the way that she wants too I dont think that you got a personal invite to hate on it. No one has any idea what they can and would or would not have if it werent for the show .. Gretchen has grown into a very successful business person and she isnt going around saying look what I have look what I have unlike some on the show. I was bullied .. please ..Gretchen is the most grounded .. she doesnt have anger issues .. she doeasnt go around quoting the bible and calling bullying and she isnt be a hypocrite about Vickies relationship. Vicki is so unstable and looks awful and makes herself actually look stupid .. I mean who has a recommittment cermony and stands at the alter and tells the man you profess to love how may carats and the cut of the diamonds in his ring .. I mean really who does that .. and then you dump him soon after that for a deadbeat dad .. I mean come on .. Gretchen is the most normal

Janet Ramirez Korsak

If she regrets joining the group so much, why not quit? $$$

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