NeNe Leaks Sides With Teresa Giudice Over Melissa Gorga for Dumbest Reason Ever

nene leaksWhodda thunk it? Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leaks is a card-carrying member of Team Teresa Giudice. Weird. Apparently NeNe thinks that since Melissa Gorga came onto The Real Housewives of New Jersey after Teresa, she should be more respectful. After NeNe trashed Brandi Glanville on Watch What Happens Live: NeNe One-On-One, she told Andy Cohen:

I feel for Teresa because there's something about being the first one in. When you're the first one in on one of these shows and somebody comes behind you, it's sort of like, "Hold on, you need to respect the veteran. I was here first. You need to play on my territory." So I kind of sided with Teresa in that area. Melissa, you came on her show. So you watched her on television and you wanted to be on the show like she was. No, girl, take a seat now! You're not a veteran.

While I do understand where NeNe is coming from -- there is a slight pecking order on the Housewives shows -- there is also a thing called human decency. And just because someone has been on a show longer than another person, it doesn't give them the right to act completely rudely to them. And let's not forget, Teresa and Melissa's personal history far exceeds their professional history. These two have had problems for years now. RHONJ only documented it (and, yes, probably exacerbated it, as well).

If NeNe wants to be on Team Teresa because she thinks Melissa Gorga is in the wrong, fine. Makes sense. But if she likes Teresa better because she has more longevity on the show than Melissa -- that's really lame.

Are you Team Gorga or Team Giudice?

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nonmember avatar maribel rivera

You just proved Nene's point...Teresa was there first and it

Wasnt until Melissa Gorga got on show that family issues were exposed on National TV, affecting children, families and two elder parents ...NOT cool

nonmember avatar Michelle


2rcom4t 2rcom4t

 Veterans! Really! Please the only reason these people are still on the show is because they are all DYSFUNCTIONAL. NeNe with her Rabid Dog attitude. And Teresa with her REALLY POOR marriage and delusional take on the truth and lets not forget the real housewives of Miami those women don't pull punches. And everyone knows that Miss USA is only a tittle for Sports Illustrated swim suit addition. Being a Veteran on any one of these shows shouldn't be worn as a medal of honor by any means. But the newest Show Married to Medicine really shows how the doctor wives should be kept hidden. WOW I'd have to change doctors or better yet just move to another state

Donna Rivelli

One can never say a bad word about NeNe! Tell it like it is....... She is one real gem!!!!!!! Love her!!!!!

Ij Usoh

I agree with MS. NENE because speak her mind.

BarbA... BarbAnn55

That is LAME. NeNe needs to have a seat  and STFU because she is NOT The Boss or The Star or The Pimp (her words not mine) Look what happened to her little show that she bragged about. Same thing could happen to the other shows. She needs to get off her NeNe pedestal that she thinks shes on..Shes not all that or a bag of chips.

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