Robert Pattinson Refused to Go With Kristen Stewart to Met Gala & We All Know Why

kristen stewartA few weeks ago, it was reported that Kristen Stewart desperately wanted Robert Pattinson to walk the red carpet with her at the 2013 Met Gala. A source was quoted as saying: "Kristen would love for Rob to attend the MET gala. She knows Rob isn't crazy about these types of events and having to dress up, but she has asked him." Aw. Sweet. But guess what? The event was last night, and no Robsten red carpet appearance as far as the naked eye could see. You know what that means, right?

It means Rob will do anything for love, but he won't do that. Nope. Save for Twilight premieres, no couple red carpet appearances for Robert Pattinson. That's his story and he's sticking to it. Sorry, KStew, but them's the breaks, sweet cheeks. You don't like it, you may have to find another smokin' hot dude to date who is all about the spotlight.

KStew's solo appearance aside, though, she and Rob are is still very much together from the sound of things. The couple was spotted hanging out after the event with Sienna Miller, Tom Sturridge, and Dakota Fanning. (So there's that.) But no joint public appearances, Kristen. Only semi-private and private. (And hey, most would take a private Robert Pattinson appearance any day.)

Hopefully, Kristen didn't get bent out of shape about her boyfriend's general disdain for publicity. She knew what she was getting into from the beginning -- this certainly shouldn't have come as a shock. It may have stung a bit, but come on. She didn't really think he would say yes, did she?

Are you surprised Rob didn't walk the red carpet with Kristen?

Image via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

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Fondue Fondue

Wow, does that brooding bitch EVER smile?

Joanne Thompson

why dont you just leave them the hell alone? cause you know if they werent famous we wouldnt be hearing a damn thing about them so back off.


nonmember avatar dk

tom & sienna were at the standard hotel after party per popsugar's photo.....they were not with kristen.

nonmember avatar KJ

Robert should be with Katy anyways!! Lose the K-Stew!

lulou lulou

besides all else, maybe he saw that outfit in advance

Shirley Sorrow

There were loads of pictures of her smiling.  Also, Rob met her at the after party.  Now, please just get over it and leave them alone.  Nothing you print is true anyway.

nonmember avatar selena

This article was so pathetic and really shouldn't even be considered new seeing as most of your information came from "sources" like hollywood life. These two have never attended carpets or events together so last night wasn't a shocker. Also you can try to portray Kristen Stewart as a clingy pathetic women, but saying it won't make it so.Although the writer of this article does come off as a bitter jealous women which is sad really. Neither rob or kristen like going to public events so please don't make it sound as if kristen is some sort of famewhore when you know its not true. God it really doesn't take talent to become a "journalist" these days huh? obviously i'm totally in the wrong career I could write something better without sounding like a catty B.

Timeko Coleman

Not surprised at all, good for you Rob doing something you want and like to do.

Cristina Kozain


Ridiculous lie, Robert never cigitou the idea of ​​going to this event, he never appeared in other years, I never believed he would. Kristen and Robert are friends of Katy P., great friends! The couple is very well, firm and strong as ever, and thank you for your concern!!

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