'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Calls Farrah Abraham Out for the Hypocrite She Is

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Farrah Abraham Backdoor Teen MomA year ago, Farrah Abraham was the girl angry that Amber Portwood's bad behavior was making her Teen Mom co-stars look guilty by association. Now she's the star of a porn flick titled Backdoor Teen Mom, and Farrah is taking some heat from moms who don't want to be associated with taking your clothes off and having sex for money. Oh the irony!

First it was Catelynn Lowell making fun of her, ahem, horseplay. Now the latest bit of flack for Farrah comes from Kailyn Lowry, who is cringing at her co-star's deal with Vivid Entertainment.

Said Kail of Farrah's new flick:

I wish Farrah's porno title had nothing to do with Teen Mom. -_- Not all of us want to be associated with that.

Kailyn took a little heat herself for the comment from people who called her a hypocrite for judging others when she asks not to be judged, but she's standing her ground:

Farrah can make all the sex tapes she wants. Just don't want a show I'm also on to be associated with the title.

And who can blame her? The porno is all Farrah's doing (well, hers and James Deen's), but the title does reflect poorly on all the girls who are associated with the show.

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Most of us would prefer not to be lumped in with the likes of Farrah or her new career. Which Farrah, quite frankly, should have thought of. She's been there! As she told The Stir last year when asked about how people view her in relation to her co-stars, especially Amber Portwood:

I feel that people should look at us separately, and the majority of people do, for who we are, what we've accomplished, what we're doing for our children ... I cannot speak for the other girls' actions, and I like to be separate from that.

Of course, at the time, Farrah also told The Stir she didn't want to be the center of attention. And we all know that went out the window awhile back. Farrah's actions these days scream, "Look at me."

Still, Farrah could have at least shown a little respect for the other girls and fought to distinguish her business from Teen Mom.

Does Kailyn have the right to be mad here? Is Farrah being a hypocrite?


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nonmember avatar Karma chick

Well I can't blame the girls for being pissed about it. Farrah has turned into a PIG a messy messy pig and I wouldn't want that around me either. But kailyn. Is another story. After seeing her be a total witch to Dr Drew last night made me dislike her. Plus she is a HIGE hypocrite when it comes to Joes girl. It's ok for her to LIVE w a dude but she won't even take a min to get to know this chick? Please!! She hates being judged but she's doing exactly that!!

nonmember avatar Morgan

Of course farrah has to expect all this negative attention I mean come on

Sarah Brown

I used to respect Kailyn and think she was an awesome person and she is a strong willed person after everything her past carried and an awesome mother but after last nights reunion special she might be grown mommy wise but person wise shes still a childish kid. She was very rude and disrespectful exsepcially to Dr. Drew. You might feel like your standing up for your self but you respect your elders no matter what the situation is. She made me angry watching the way she acted last night and if I could make one comment in Vee's defense: People grow up people change exspecially when your a teen becoming an adult. She said those pics were posted two years ago yeah she was probably 17 or 18 two years ago shes probably 20 right now thats a big age difference for machority at that age. People change and grow up maybe instead of being so stubborn you should take the time to really hear her out since she has been attemping to reach out to you for all this time. Rememeber people grow up people change I can say some things about your life when you were younger on 16 and pregnant and see some big changes in you from then and now so maybe you can put you aside for a min and do it at least for your son and set a good example like you always do for Issac.

Brittney Sawyers

Kailyn is an amazing person and an even more amazing mother. She was defending herself. Dr. Drew shouldnt have been bitchin, she wouldnt have had to get defensive. Go Baby Doll! dont let anyone stand in your way. (: I love Kailyn and i love the job shes doing. As for Farrah she needs to be removed from any association with teen mom.

Jai Hutto

I agree with Brittney...I really felt like Dr. Drew (who is supposed to be impartial) was taking Joe's side and he was baiting Kailiyn into an argument. I'm sure she felt ambushed.  Also, I can totally understand why Kailyn wouldn't want to be a part of Farrah's trainwreck.

Kadie Hunter

anyone that thinks the way kailyn acts is ok probably has issues themselves any normal thinking person would not side with someone who thinks like her she screams im jealous every time she opens her mouth!

Nichole Elliott

with out a doubt she has legit reason to b mad! i wouldnt want to b associated w that either. u have so many eyes on u already y would u bring more (bad) attention towards u unless u were tryn to get people to notice. ur on public tv u r an example for other girls. so farrah do u wanna be a porn example for all the lil girls watching u! u remember lil girls think ur cool and porn is not cool. u get a name that stick w u forever and farrah wasnt thinkn when she has a daughter her self! what happen when ur lil girl get n kindergarden and all the other parents wont let ur lil girl come over for a play date bc of what shes been expoxed from u!

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