'Bachelor' Sean Lowe & Peta Murgatroyd's 'Wedding' HAD to Get Under Catherine Giudici's Skin (VIDEO)

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Sean Lowe Peta MurgatroydI really hate to say it, but there's a good chance that Bachelor Sean Lowe's journey on Dancing With the Stars will come to an end on tonight's results show. It's not that he hasn't tried hard enough or doesn't have enough fans supporting him -- he's simply just not as good as some of the other remaining dancers.

But if Sean did take his last spin around the ballroom on last night's show -- he certainly went out with a bang. Especially considering he and Peta Murgatroyd milked his status as The Bachelor for all it's worth by dressing up in wedding garb for their tango.

Yep -- he donned a tux and she wore a white wedding dress (even though half of it was, well, missing).

Check it out in this clip of their performance.

Uhhhh -- did you happen to catch the expression on Catherine Giudici's face when the camera panned to her? Yeah, she didn't exactly look amused. And can you blame her?

For weeks now, she's been sitting at home alone pining for her man while he spends multiple hours a day up close and personal with another woman. Then at the end of the day he comes home -- and still leaves her thirsty for more attention, if you catch my drift.

On top of being lonely, now she has to contend with her hubby-to-be dressing up as a groom -- only she's not the one in the wedding gown next to him? Huh. Something about that just seems a little unfair. Shouldn't she be the first one to have a fake wedding with Sean, not Peta? (Wait, what? I mean a real wedding, errrr something.)

The dude's already been pretty vocal about saving himself for marriage, so why not save the wedding attire for the big day too?

Oh well. At least it wasn't the other way around -- and Catherine isn't the one wearing a wedding dress and competing on DWTS. It's only bad luck if the groom sees what the bride looks like before the big day, right?

What did you think of Sean's performances last night? Do you think he'll go home this week?


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Katherine Sleeper

Catherine looked miffed at what judges said, not the outfits worn for the dance

nonmember avatar Jag

I actually thought last evening was Sean's best. He looked the best he has & in my opinion he danced the best he has. I think Len was totally out of line in his critisism. In my opinion the look at Catherine's face was not because of the wedding atire but rather she was taken a back by Len's comments. I do think Sean will be the one to leave though & rightly so. The guy can't dance. He doesn't have the rythem or the ear for the music.

Bunny Marie Perkins


Carol Bitting

I thought it was in poor taste. For a family show PETA doesn't seem to fit in. Between her scowls and beeped out words and her lack of respect towards Catherine, I wish she got kicked off too!

nonmember avatar mcom

I think Peta has been completely insensitive. She definitely wanted to get under Catherine's skin the entire show. She hangs all over the guy beyond what is needed. I think he is a jerk though. Tries to play both sides of the "modest normal guy" and the air humping, flirtatious player. So obvious.

nonmember avatar Victorya

I agree with mcom and Bunny MP. From the start, I already notice she has a crush on Sean. She got excuses as Sean needs more time to practise and went with him to cross-country trip.Fed Cheese and did many fun things with Sean. Sean is a smart guy and sure is aware of this and said he treated her like a sister. She knew Sean could be eliminated and she chose that theme and got a chance to wore the wedding gown and at the end make a full of herself that Sean left her. He is engage to be married. People in dance teams can tell what she is up to only they don't want to say anything. All other teams have chosen great songs and theme.

nonmember avatar Guest

The comments have been very negative. Throughout the season,comments have been made of Sean and Peta's relationship, yet every dancing couple have shown more intimate expressions and they are not criticized. People were cruel, just attempting to break up Sean and Catherine's mature and sincere relationship. They have performed professionally.

Margeaux Abbott

Guest I agree with you, people put too much attention on Sean and Peta's friendly relationship. Sean loves Catherine and vice versa. They are planning their wedding and will try to have a job somewhere or in LA. Sean knows that Peta has a crush on him but he treats her with respect. He also knows that if he cheats on Catherine they will be history.

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