Gretchen Rossi's Pregnancy Could Be the Best Thing to Happen to Vicki Gunvalson

Gretchen RossiFirst the engagement, and now the pitter patter of little feet for Real Housewives of Orange County stars Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley? Sources are speculating that Gretchen is pregnant already, and the evidence seems pretty strong.

According to Wetpaint, she's definitely acting pregnant, as witnessed in Las Vegas recently. Instead of going out and partying it up before an appearance on May 4, the party girl opted to stay home, claiming she wasn't feeling well. That could be chalked up to plenty of reasons, but her behavior the next day at the opening of the Sapphire Pool & Day Club almost confirmed it.

Instead of slugging back tequila shots, Gretchen stuck to the food -- which, let's face it, isn't Gretchen-like at all. A source told the site:

She ordered a kale and goat cheese salad for lunch. Then ate pink cotton candy out of a martini glass for dessert.

Hmmm, could it be? Given the fact that she's already said a baby may come before their wedding, it wouldn't be surprising at all. And really, their timing couldn't be better -- at least for Vicki Gunvalson.

Ever since Gretchen and Tamra Barney became BFFs, Gretchen has done nothing but try to demean Vicki and do whatever she can to try and drive a wedge between Tamra and Vicki. While they're trying to repair their broken relationship, there's Gretchen doing whatever she can to put a stop to it. Her comments about Vicki's grandson -- calling her out for saying it was "her" baby -- showed just how immature and clueless she is.

She's been acting like a jealous child, and she really needs something else to focus on besides herself and creating drama -- like a baby. As the saying goes -- a baby changes everything. I think being pregnant will help Gretchen grow up and give her a new nicer, kinder, less-selfish outlook on the world -- hopefully. Heck, she and Vicki might even just bond and have play dates together.

Do you think Gretchen and Slade are pregnant? What kind of parents do you think they'll be?


Image via Bravo

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Serab... Serabelle

Wow, you really hate Gretchen! No idea why. Of course she's going to be bitchy to Vicky, Vicky has done nothing but attack her for years, first with Jeff then with Slade. If someone came at me like Vicky did to her I would react the same way! And as far as the "my baby" comment, it was weird, and I wonder how Briana and Ryan felt about it.

nhamp... nhampton401

I agree with Serabelle, you're a hater. I'd call someone out when they say "we have a baby now" too. HELLOOO that's weird! I love Gretchen, I think she's an amazing person and if she is pregnant she will be an amazing mother. You on the other hand, way to turn a story about Gretchen being pregnant into your own little venting party about how you don't like her. Green doesn't look good on anyone.

Mair V Frichtel

so, she's not married and he is a deadbeat dad. great choices!

Lorraine Aitken

I think Gretchen has become really nasty since she hooked up with Tamra!

nonmember avatar babyboopa

I agree w/ Serabelle and nhampton401. your comments about Gretchen r a bit much. The way she screamed in peoples face last season protecting that POS boyfriend of hers was pathetic. She was a complete lunatic but I guess u already forgot that. Gretchen is no angel but Vicki is just nasty. If you demand respect you should be giving it too and she does not.

Sissy Stalter

I don't agree with anything you said, Vickie's comment about the baby was weird. I don't see her stirring any trouble, even though what Vickie has done in the past years was nothing but putting people down and acting better then everyone. Gretchen has been treated poorly for years now your just as bad, get off the Vickie juice and see who the real trouble maker is.

nonmember avatar Shannon

I love Gretchen. Who cares if she is married or not. If she wants a baby so be it... regardless of who it is with.

She can care and afford the baby with or without Slade.

nonmember avatar Dianne

Congrats... Every child is a blessing, I do believe they will be great parents.

As for Gretchen and Vicki! Hmm... Have you been watching the same show I have since day 1 years ago.

Vicki has been a jealous horrible vile woman, blames Tamara for everything, Tamara is no-angel but Vicki does not take responsibility for ANYTHING.

Vicki is green w/envy that Gretchen and Tamara are friends, just listen to her words she drops digs always.

Gretchen will be a great Mom I believe

Joanne Hester

I really liked Gretchen, but I do think she is being a troubled maker. Vicky isn't worried about her at all. I think Vicky has been trying to change. Tamara was worst than Vicky about going after Gretchen. If she is pregnant I wish her the best.  I'm not a hater because Gretchen was my favorite housewife, I don't understand her friendship with Tamara. It is easier to figure out  why Alexis and Vicky are friends, it makes more since.

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