Kourtney Kardashian’s Heart May Be Broken Over New Scott Disick Cheating Rumors

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kourtney kardashian and scott disickRarely a day goes by without some sort of Kardashian drama. This time, it's Kourtney Kardashian and longtime love Scott Disick who are reportedly having some serious relationship troubles. If true, this could be the beginning of the end for the parents of two.

According to Star Magazine, Scott has been spotted out flirting with two hot blondes at a London bar. He had spent a few days there with the entire Kardashian clan but refused to travel on with them to Greece. Of course Kourtney wasn't happy with his decision, because she thought he would be by her side helping out with the kids. But what could she do? She jetted off with her family and Scott stayed behind for a little alone time. The next night, he hit the town, partying with the gorgeous girls, said Star sources, and he left the club with one on each arm. No word on what happened to the trio after that.

How does that saying go -- when the cat’s away, the mouse will play. This isn’t the first time Scott has gotten flirty behind Kourtney’s back and this probably won’t be the last. But it seems like this couple has a simple rule in play -- he can look (even leer) but he can’t touch. And what’s so wrong with that? He’s human after all, at least I think he is. He does have that plastic, slimy Ken doll thing going on though.

He did eventually join Kourtney and the kids in Greece, which hopefully made her happy. I just feel bad for this young mom. With two kids to raise, she is in need of a mature partner to help her parent. It doesn't seem as though Scott is always up for that role.

Do you think Kourtney should dump Scott?



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nonmember avatar ann zamora

she should have thought about that before she had 2 children and not married. These are the consequences.

Patricia Anne Smith- LaMarca

well money is not an issue with Kourtney, as the saying goes you can make him pay but you can't make a person be a good parent!! Kourtney should of dumped him a long time ago, hes nothing but a loser living off her.

nonmember avatar MAx

Just cause she didn't marry whats that got to do with it there in a long term relationship

Cel7777 Cel7777

Yes Ann, because cheating and other relationship troubles NEVER happen to married people. I hope someone is writing this stuff down.

kikitice kikitice

Well said Cel7777! Lol!

MrsHa... MrsHartman

Isn't it both kourtney and Scott's fault? I mean it seems like kourtney will always choose her family over Scott...shouldn't your partner come first? I mean maybe he doesn't always want to be around her family which seems to be all of the time.

Eddie... EddiesMama83

No offense, but Kourtney isn't too bright making two kids with a guy who thinks he's still 19 years old and is part of a fraternity. Kourtney needs to move on, sorry! 

katyq katyq

Shes not a young" mom.....shes like. 33, 34 years old now.

nikol... nikolita87

Neither of them are saints. She is notorious for not being intimate with him and he has said he feels she has used him for only making children. Their relationship needs a lot of work and it is not all up to him.

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