NeNe Leakes Slams Brandi Glanville & Looks Like a Total Hypocrite

nene leakesI'm a NeNe Leakes fan as much as the next person, but her head has just gotten too damn big. During a one-on-one special with Andy Cohen, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star threw shade at almost every single cast member on almost every single season of every single franchise location. She went so far as to call Brandi Glanville, of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame, a "train wreck" and says that Brandi's "gonna get read."

NeNe, who's evidently above reproach, claims that Brandi talks too much and says about the Drunk Tweeting author:

She thinks she's a gangsta or something. She thinks she can get in people's faces and say whatever she wants to say.

I'm pretty sure Brandi doesn't consider herself "gangsta" (the woman is nine feet tall, weighs six pounds, and walks around in stilettos: a cool breeze could knock her over) and I really don't remember Brandi getting in anyone's face and saying whatever she wants to say.

I remember Brandi defending herself, appropriately or not, when maniacs like Faye Resnick or Paul Nassif would confront her, but Brandi never really started the drama.

Well, I mean, except for "outing" Adrienne Maloof for using a surrogate, but even that wasn't aggressive. She didn't "ruin" anyone's family or cause a divorce. In fact, Bravo covered up whatever she said, so it's not like we, nor NeNe, know exactly how that got out.

Anyway, NeNe needs to get off her high horse. Yes, she's by far the highest paid Housewife, and yes, she has her own Bravo spinoff as well as a role on the sitcom The New Normal, but she's in no position to put down Brandi for talking smack.

Trash-talking is NeNe's specialty. And apparently, so is hypocrisy.

Are you so over NeNe?


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Serab... Serabelle

I've been over NeNe since day 1! She's rude, annoying, and guilty of ever single thing she accuses others of doing. She's a former stripper who made good, who cares?! I highly doubt Brandi gave her so much as a second thought. I can't even watch RHOA because of NeNe!

nonmember avatar nicci

Everything that comes out of her mouth is hypocritical, I guess no one was listening, maybe we should go back to that !?!

James Smith

yes i am so over her

Jill Rosenberg

Sorry but NeNe is right about Brandi!!!!!!

Amy Perrigo Haynie

I agree Jill, she is right on about Brandi!!!

Tammy Horn Bergeron

Always said nene was 2 face!!!! And her head will be getting smaller with her 20 min of fame,sorry all she has is a big mouth,,,,,,


Angela Piekarczyk

Hell no! I love NeNe and she's right Brandi is always talking vulger smack. Brandi would be more loveable if she didn't always say f*ck and wasn't constantly talking about trying to f*cked. Brandi does need to shut her mouth alot more , but I do admit Faye was wrong on EVERY occation. Plz no more camera time for Faye's lips. btw Faye, can i ask , since you do no wrong and are holier than thou... Was it awesome banging OJ after he murdered you r friend? always wondered....

Nancy Hartwick

Nene's head is getting so huge it's going to implode! She's the one who speaks so unkindly of others so often. Actually I am over the "lot" of them, as they are all hypocritical women......

nonmember avatar Janelle

What spinoff?? Unless this is new and was mentioned in her one on one with Andy Cohen- NeNe doesn't have a Bravo spinoff.

And I agree with what she said about Brandi. Brandi needs to stop her diharrhea of the mouth and shut up when necessary! lol

Reali... Realityaddict

Please NO spinoff of NeNe!!!!!!  She is a loudmouth hypocrite and she is the LAST person who should be talking about any of the other housewives.  How did she get so pias to think she can place judgement on anyone?  Her past seasons have been about her being obnoxious and rude which has apparently worked for her, but no me.  She is always the loudest, more judgmental with the most past to be hypocrital about.  SHE is the trainwreck.  Brandi is not confrontational unless you confront her so unless NeNe knows her personally she should keep her oversized pie hole shut!

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