Ian Somerhalder Gets Crazy Ultimatum From Nina Dobrev About Starring in '50 Shades of Grey' Movie

ian somerhalder nina dobrevThere may be no one who wants Ian Somerhalder to star in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie more than his girlfriend, Nina Dobrev. But there's one condition. Some very disloyal sources are saying that Nina wants Ian to play Christian Grey so long as she co-stars as Anastasia Steele.

But if he's cast and she isn't, supposedly she won't let him take the part.


The last thing Nina wants is Ian filming the possibly NC-17 flick without her. The movie is guaranteed to have some very steamy, sexy, nakedy scenes and it doesn't sound like Nina's confident enough in their relationship to let him have pretend intercourse with a beautiful, young actress in front of an onlooking crew of about 60 people or so.

I mean, I can see where she's coming from, but this is their profession, after all, and having simulated sex while wearing a sock under the sheets is just part of the job. Nina's gotta understand that, right?

Maybe, though, it's less about Ian getting it on with another actress as it is him getting more famous than she is. Or maybe she's trying to position themselves as a twofer -- cast Ian as Christian and get Nina as Ana!

While many fans would love to see the CW couple star together in Fifty Shades, I don't think any of Nina's potential tacks will get her where she wants to go.

Either Ian will resent her for putting her foot down; he'll choose the movie over their relationship; or the studio won't choose either due to Nina's demands.

Rock and a hard place, Nina. Rock and a hard place.

Do you want to see Nina and Ian star together in Fifty Shades?


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