Kristen Stewart Shouldn't Worry About Robert Pattinson's Mystery Date

Robert Pattinson and Kristen StewartWe've seen it happen before, and here he is doing it again. Good ol' Robert Pattinson was spotted out here in New York City last night on a date of sorts, and it was NOT with Kristen Stewart. According to Hollywood Life, Rob was out with a mystery blonde having dinner downtown. He and the lady appeared to be "old-time friends," with lots to talk about. Innnnteresting.

OK, so I'll be real -- I don't think this little dinner is anything to worry about for the Robsten fans. I mean, everything appeared friendly, and for those of you keeping track at home, Kristen is arriving in NYC today to go with Rob to the Met Gala (!!!).

And besides, if everything is going well for the two Twilight lovers -- then Kristen needs to be OK with this sort of thing. And vice versa, of course.

In any relationship there needs to be a certain level of trust. You both need to be able to hang out with other people, whether they're male or female, and feel comfortable knowing that nothing sketchy is going on. Period.

Of course the tabloids are going to go wild when they see Rob out in public with another woman, that's just natural. However, what's important is that Rob and Kristen have established a strong enough bond where that doesn't make things tense. I'm sure that Kristen knows who this lady is, and I'm sure Rob wasn't trying to hide a thing.

Now, what I really wanna know is what Kristen's gonna wear to the ball tonight. Here's hoping it's not a matching short and blazer set.

What do you think of Rob's dinner date? Should Kristen be worried?


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Lisa S. Gains

i think they r both secure with their relationship..congrat's to them both on the Ball. 

Miriam Webb

I think Kristen has more to worry with Katy Perry than this mystery blond.Rod could not even suport Kristen at Met Gala she had to go by herself while Rob is with Katy. He sucks if cant even suport her at any of her events.I hope Kristen moves on from Rob he dont give a crap about suporting her in anything

Jestene Bradley

Thank you Miriam Webb well said now if only Kristen would wake up and see him for who he really is and move on I think she will have a better life and future. People keep saying Katy is just a friend well that's usually how mistakes start one thing leads to another and Justin B has already said that Robert and Katy hooked on his boat when Kristen was off shooting SWATH being faithful until she read about it now everyone is best friend and Robert is screwing both of them let;s see which one get's pregnant first it they aren't already.

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