Farrah Abraham’s Adult Film Will Likely Be the Last Starring a ‘Teen Mom’

farrah abrahamThere's hope yet that Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's adult film will be taken down from the Internet. Not a lot of hope, but hope enough. Apparently, MTV is not pleased with the association and is trying to find a clause in Farrah's contract that would throw a wrench in her pornographic debut, but they're having a hard time coming up with anything. The CEO of Vivid told MTV to "put up or shut up" about the alleged clause, because the tape is up ... and making money.

I'm feeling for the legal team at MTV right now who are no doubt desperately trying to find some vague language that would make Farrah's porn a breach of contract, but so far as we know, nothing's been found.

I wonder if MTV is most concerned with the title of the flick, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, since Teen Mom is the name of the MTV show, or if their concerns go deeper than that, and they're worried about the fame monsters they're partly responsible for creating.

At this point, it doesn't sound like the network has any say as to whether Farrah's tape is distributed or not, but I'm sure somewhere in those offices, they're clamoring to add a "no porn" section to each of the Teen Mom's existing contracts and are mailing them out ASAP.

Jenelle Evans' money-making backup plans just got way more complicated.

What do you think?


Photo via f1abraham/Twitter

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Mark Cox

mtv outraged? more like wanti

tntmo... tntmom1027

They are just mad they aren't getting the money lol

lena1... lena197888

I cant stand this girl hope they stick it to her

nonmember avatar Natasha

I could care less about her making a porn. Whatever u got 2 do. But if ur gonna do a porn @ least dont look so weird doing so. I've seen the photos & lord bless her heart she looks out of place. I WOULDNT PAY 1 cent TO WATCH THAT CRAP!

Ally Jacobs

The video is now more popular than Kim Kardashian. You can see a free clip and get it here…




Laura Van Melle

It's one thing to star in porn when you're so broke that you don't have money to eat, but like this... wow. Congratulations, Farrah, you've made your reputation worse than it has ever been.

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