12 Amazing Things to Expect When Meeting Alexander Skarsgard in Person

Alexander SkarsgardI think we can all agree that Alexander Skarsgard is pretty much perfect, right? Good. So allow me to blow your mind a little bit when I say that he's even more perfect in person. The Stir (me) got to meet him at a press event for his latest film What Maisie Knew. Let's just say there was a lot of thoughts going on that day, but in all fairness, one of them was professional. Would he look or act anything like his film or TV characters, particularly that of Vampire Eric on True Blood, the role that cast him into the spotlight and into our hearts? Is he as laid-back as he always seems? Will he wear skinny jeans?

Oops, that's veering into the non-professional again ... so without further ado, here's a list of what you can expect if you are ever so blessed in life to meet Skarsgard in person so you can make sure you keep yourself together. Because damn he's like a drug (from what people tell me).

12 Things You Can Expect From Meeting Alexander Skarsgard

1.  He's super polite. He walks in and shakes everyone's hand while introducing himself ... while looking you straight in the eyes.

2. If you haven't already fainted by this point, you will have to fight the urge to keep holding his hand past the customary two seconds, but that is not advised. Just let go.

3. You will hold your hand out strangely for the rest of the day, looking at it, avoiding handwashing for as long as possible, until you realize that's futile and relent -- but not before you rub your hand all over your face in hopes you will get sick so you can tell your friends, "Yeah, I caught this bad cold from Alex Skarsgard. Sucks."

4. Upon him entering a room, it will feel as if all the energy in that room is being sucked away from every living thing and inanimate object and directly toward him, because his presence is so immense.

5. He's so so so tall -- seeming even taller than his 6 foot 4 inches. It is virtually impossible not to stare at him trying to memorize every detail of his face like you're some sort of crazy person. Avoid this tendency, too.

6. His blue eyes are endless pools.

7. His smile, revealing those perfect teeth, is arresting, and he smiles a lot when he talks. He's clearly a happy, friendly, at-ease person who really enjoys talking about his craft.

8. He's modest. When his 7-year-old costar Onata Aprile was told that other girls are going to be so jealous of her for getting to spend so much time with the tall blonde Swede, Skarsgard just shrugged the compliment off with an "eh."

9. He's loyal and brave. Well, at least loyal. When asked if rumors about his character Eric getting killed off True Blood in the next season were true, he smiled and said: "I can't tell you that." It was worth a shot.

10. His blue eyes are endless pools. (Oops, next.)

11. His perfectly sculpted torso is like ... how to even describe ... a priceless work of art? A tall glass of cool water? Breathtaking? There are almost no words fit to describe Skarsgard's toned, lean physique under that tailored chambray button-down. With the top three buttons opened. Just enough to see the tops of his hairless pecs. Not that I noticed.

12. He will probably not ask you to have coffee with him after the briefing. So stop fantasizing about that. No, seriously, it's getting a little obsessive. He's way too busy making movies, meeting directors, and attending all these events to have time for something like that. Very busy.

What's the first thing you would do or say if you met Alexander Skarsgard in person?


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nonmember avatar JGM1764

I'm pretty sure if I met him I'd say, "guhhhhh..." and then fall face down in a puddle of my own drool. I'm suave like that.

Natalí Rita de Oliveira

When I met him, I only said "May I take a pic with you??" I just forget all my english classes...He is so danm hot, polite, sweet... It was the best and perfect day of my life.

nonmember avatar Lola

Alex is adorable! And this is a great article. Thanks!

nonmember avatar Dee

I had the life-changing opportunity to me Alexander Skarsgard at Sundance in Jan. 2013. You are 100% spot on with your 12 amazing things. He is an incredibly kind and approachable person. I will NEVER forget how generous he was with everyone vying to get up close & get pictures. It was so crowded he kind of got moved into a corner. I asked him if he was okay. He said, "Yes" and smiled.

nonmember avatar C's

Hungry? Well, allow me to make you Swedish pancakes in bed.

Keleyna Staves

I'd introduce myself and ask for a picture. But I'd be very shy and beet red. lol

Coles... Coles_mom

I guess I'm just old....I have the biggest crush on his dad. :)

Vidya Nair

Is it weird that I want to know what the dude smells like? Does anybody have this important piece of information??

Allison Jones Hamilton

For once in my life speech may completely escape me and I may just melt into a large puddle of hormonal nonsense.

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