Catelynn Lowell Disses Farrah Abraham & Says What We're All Thinking

Catelynn LowellOne thing I love about Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell is that she tells it like it is. And lucky for us, she chooses today -- the day Farrah Abraham's sex tape hits the airwaves -- to speak her mind about her co-star's "personal video." Proving that she did, in fact, watch her buddy do the deed on film.

But even though Catelynn wasn't too impressed with the tape -- she did have one hilarious comment to make about it. Let's just hope Farrah doesn't read this ...

Catelynn tweeted:

All I have to say Is she sounds like a dying horse!! U kno who I'm talking about

Oh, we know who she's talking about. I'm pretty sure the whole world knows who she's talking about. Don't even TRY to tell me you didn't sneak a peek at Farrah's sex tape trailer today. And don't even TRY to act like you didn't cringe when you heard Farrah's non-convincing horse-like moans. Because you did. I know you did.

Which is why I love that Catelynn's so vocal about it. She's saying what we're all thinking, and I have to give her credit for that. But while I laughed at Catelynn's comment, it actually made me a bit nervous for Farrah. I mean, if her own "friend" is hating on her tape, she's in for a rude awakening when the general public gets a glimpse of the Backdoor Teen Mom.

I just hope you're ready for the backlash, Farrah. Buckle up.

Or should I say ... giddy up ... right, Catelynn?

Photo via TylerBaltierraMTV/Twitter

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Disso... Dissolutions

lmao!!! dying horse is about right....bleh...

nonmember avatar Notafan

All I have to say about the whole sex tape thing is that everyone is giving her the fame she wanted. Whether it's negative, or positive attention it's still making her more famous.

nonmember avatar Southbeach2013

I couldn't believe she would even do this she needs a rude of awakening she has. Faighter

Julie Derr

I don't think she sound like a dying horse i think she sound worse then a dying horse.

LostS... LostSoul88

I have to wait till I get home to see the trailer. My work blocks it LOL

Crystal Love

Did you guys see it yet?

BGarcel BGarcel

i saw the trailer. her moans do sound exxagerated but its porn, practically everything is exxagerated in porn.

MsLin... MsLinneyMinnie

the most disgusting thing about this whole sitution is this awful mean spirited bullying article.  Everyone was young and stupid at one point.  Yes its bad but the payout for her tape was 1.5 million.  Thats money she can take care of her daughter with.  She is a girl who made a risky decision.  She is one person and the amount of bullying and hatred coming from so many people is unfair 

nonmember avatar ZMommy

LOL. I'm going to watch it tonight. I can't stand Farrah but she is like a train wreck, you can't look away. :-D

Dana Gibson

I love catelynn!  Alwasy speaks her mind! :) 

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